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West Cork carriage restrictions.

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8 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

I’m trawling a GSR 1935 WTT Appendix at the moment. Look at these extracts; how did they square these with getting AEC railcars and 57-60ft bogie coaches across the Cork City line?

And the T & C line had slightly longer vehicles (ex-GSWR) in the 1950s…..



Perhaps the were a bit strict on themselves? They certainly would be for the T&C section with good reason.  

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The AEC Railcars and coaches introduced in the 1950s appear to have had larger diameter buffers than pre-amalgamation bogie stock.

The Bogie Coaches appear to have been prohibited on the Valencia branch until the restriction was eased in the mid-195. 

There was a note in the Valentia page of the 1960 Working Timetable  that "Bogie vehicles can work between Killorglin and Valentia Harbour provided they be fitetd with Elliptical Buffers or with Round Buffers of not less than 18".

"Modern" CIE coaches (4 coach rake) appear to have replaced 6 wheelers on the Morning Valencia-Tralee passenger and the afternoon return working while a solitary MGWR 6w 3rd provided passenger accommodation on the morning Killorglin-Valencia Mixed and afternoon Valencia-Tralee "Perishable", the morning "Mixed" departed Tralee complete with 6w coach as a goods but did not officially carry passengers before Killorglin.  I guess most people took the bus or drove between Tralee and Killorglin

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