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A class question

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Hi all,

I have several a class locos and I’m very pleased with the look and performance of the model. However, I have a problem with one of the locos where power is not going to one of the bogies. I contacted IRM and they told me that it may be a popped out drive shaft problem. I hate the thought of opening up the  loco and was wondering if anyone on here has done any loco surgery on the model. 


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I had a few A Classes sent to me with the same problem. Basically it’s the brass counter balance where it pushes onto the motor drive shaft. The drive shaft is spinning inside the plastic housing which is incased within the brass counter balance.
It’s a very simple fix. Slide the counter balance a couple of millimetres of the drive shaft put a little dab of superglue on the shaft and push the counter balance back on and that’s it job done. 
Hope this was of some help. 😊

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The Queen’s late racing adviser, Sir Michael Oswald, was as knowledgeable on iron horses as he was on fleshly ones - that came out at his memorial service last week.

The Duke of Gloucester was once a regular customer at Chuffs Model Shop in London, so you never know if he’s lurking here….and the Queen does seem to take an interest in GN steam….although lip reading experts have apparently gleaned that she was saying ‘should have been a Mogul or at least a Mogul Tank on the NCC main line. At least they sorted me out with that in ‘53….’




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