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Suggestions for Irish Railway Models website

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DJ Dangerous

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Hi Guys.

One or two suggestions for the website, just based on what I'd like to see, myself...

If others have suggestions, this may be a good place to get their ideas out in the open.

1. Trunk service for hoarding purchases and combining shipping

2. Pre-order facility, for example, that Oxford Diecast 76-IR-6008 Expressway Bus

(I'm half tempted to pre-order it from Hattons, just so I don't miss out, and I'm probably not the only one)

3. Ability to sort models by prototype age

Combining IRM and Accurascale products on the websites was a brilliant idea, will be very handy in future!

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1 minute ago, BosKonay said:

1 - would require a storage facility

2 - is already implanted (the ferts and mk2’s are in preorder) and the bus will be added probably tomorrow 

3 - you can filter by livery which for Irish rail is kinda the same thing :) 


1 - I'd kind of guessed that, LOL, but don't know the secret workings of the IRM warehouse system too well.

2 - Sorry, I meant the non-IRM stuff such as the bus - I know that the IRM stuff is always available on pre-order.

3 - That feature would help more for the British locos than the Irish ones, as there are just so many variants, and now all on the same website.

P.S.: A3R disappears when you filter by "Livery", but appears when you filter by "ERA".

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2 hours ago, DJ Dangerous said:

Is there any chance of displaying the tracking number when tracking orders on the website?

I know that there's a link, but it would be handy to be able to copy and paste the tracking number for tracking locally.


It should be posted under the carrier ?

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1 hour ago, mmie353 said:

Is anyone else finding the chat is not working on the IRM website? Even during office hours, it does not let me type anything to get a chat going as I was looking to speak to support. 

We’ve upgraded to a new system and it’s not 100% sorted yet. you can visit accurascale.com in the mean time and it will reach us too. I’m hoping to have it completed on IRM after tomorrows accura launch. 

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3 hours ago, BosKonay said:


It should be posted under the carrier ?


Only for one of my orders, from December, and delivered to an Irish address because of the paperwork problems caused by An Post.

All of the others say "Order Ready" even though they've already shipped, and in some cases already been returned due to missing customs declarations.

Obviously I can dig through my emails and look for the tracking numbers that way, but it would be handy to have them associated with my orders on thw website, too.



2023-02-23 IRM Tracking-02.jpg

2023-02-23 IRM Tracking-01.jpg

2023-02-23 IRM Tracking 03.jpg

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Attached Correos screenshot for IRM-14902
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