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Flying Scotsman 4472

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PS to my last post - is that a Wainright "C" class repaint lurking in the background of the top photo? Can we have a closer look? I have the SECR version but the lining etc., is so fabulous I wouldn't have the heart....





Here you go Colm she was the black one with Southern wrote on the tender side. I was going to buy the green one but even I didn't have the heart to repaint her.



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The side lettering would have been "standard" LMS style for the period, but frankly I wouldn't get too hung up over it anyway.

Couple of things to note if you are modelling these engines in post 1948 UTA state, is that the vacuum gear was removed as they did not oeprate passneger trains; 19 (which lasted longest) also had the rear coal rails removed.

Of course, some folk were at this sort of thing a long time ago; the model shown dates from the late 1960s when a friend of mine began to attermpt to model the LMS NCC. He chopped up Hornby Dublo carriages, and built a class WT Jeep from cardboard amongst others.





His 0-6-0T class Y (to give it its proper title, they were not called jinties here as far as I know) may have the awful tri-ang wheels etc., but (for those with long memories) it has "syncrosmoke!"


ENCH Triang 18.jpg


the final picture shows the two NCC locos and an unmodified Dublo 2-6-4 tank for comparison.


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