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Chassis for an MIR 121 - What did you use?

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Robert Davies


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Just a quick question or two.


I've put the white metal MIR 121 that I acquired from ebay together as far as I dare, but now I need a chassis.


The question.


What chassis did you use in yours? Any issues?


Thanks again,



Rob,the normal chassis for the MIR 121 is the athearn

SW 1500,and you can get the new version which has

Lights and DCC ready and runs very well.I will look up

Web address for you as Gerry Byrne used them for his

121s.I found the white metal 121s very difficult to make

and a lot had to be done to get the bonnot section to fit

well.I think I stuck up a video on the thread "The 121s

of Ballybeg".

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I've seen one on a modified 141 chassis. A brake cylinder was removed from each side of the bogie sideframes and the frame was shortened. He ditched the MIR fuel tank castings and made his own. It was a resin 121, having said that the recommendations of a newer Athearn or P2K chassis is the common choice. Good luck with it Rob, I bet it will be a cracker.



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