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Shed Heaven, The Accurascale Class 66 - The Final Countdown!

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It's been all go here at Accurascale Towers for our new Class 66s, with the last few months being extremely busy getting the various pieces in place before the model's imminent arrival. 


So what has been happening behind the scenes? Late last year Fran Burke and Steve Nicholls visited one of our factories to personally check on the 66 project progress. The production team have been working tirelessly to assemble our models with the completion date due before Chinese New Year, where they'll enjoy a well-earned break! 


Back in the UK, we've seen our pre-production samples go through vigorous testing and even entertaining the crowds at exhibitions like Making Tracks, where our samples have clocked up almost 40 real miles of running. We can't help ourselves, Playing trains is what it's all about! 


There is a serious side to all this testing. It allows our Class 66 Project Manager Steve Purves to find anything that's been missed or needs a tweak before the final assembly. With his feedback fed to the factory, they go on to produce the final production samples for us to evaluate, these models should be of the same quality as the models you'll receive. 


Boy, they didn't disappoint! At the beginning of January, the final production samples arrived and as you can see from the images, we're extremely pleased with how these models have turned out. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile. 


So, now we're happy, what's next? Great news on that front, as the final production samples have been tested and approved we expect them to ship just after CNY by sea. This will mean an expected arrival bang on time for the end of Q1 2024. 


With many variants now sold out to pre-order, only a few remain available to order. However, you can click the 'Notify me if item becomes available' button on the locomotive you'd like in case spares become available once landed.  

Browse the range here and don't forget, all models now have a Lifetime Warranty at no extra charge: https://www.accurascale.com/collections/class-66

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