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Looking for secondhand/out of print railway books?

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glad to help rich. got the 'railways in ireland 1834-1984' there and very helpful they were too! 2 great pics in it....a full side view othe CIE experimental turf burner and the second is a classic- military police stand guard as a RAF shackelton aircraft awaits clearence for take off at Ballykelly...while a belfast-derry train crosses the runway! where else would you see that?

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found this little shop called 'Buffer Books' which deals in second hand and of print railway books , and they have a section dedicated to irish railways. might be of use to someone out there! heres the link




Well done Seamus with the link. Some of the prices are good, others a bit steep.


Some of you guys will know that I fundraise for the RPSI here in England (only 40 years so far). Mainly through selling books - we have over a thousand titles, I think. We are the John Lewis of railway bookselling - few people are more reasonable.


They include everything in print on Ireland and a lot of out of print titles.


e-mail me with your wants and we'll see what we can do.


All monies raised go to the 171 Appeal - about five grand (sterling) to date from us.


I'm at lesliemcallister@aol.com


Thanks for reading this!



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