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JM Design accepting expressions in updated version of CIE 20T Goods Brake

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Blog featuring graphics and photos of our latest version of the 20T Good Brake.

Due to very low levels of demand for our existing models we are accepting "Expressions of Interest" to assess whether its worth while to proceed to production with this particular model.  At this stage we are looking at Expressions of Interest in a minimum of 50 wagons (Brake Vans, Opens, Vans) to proceed to production.

I have not set up an Expression of Interest/Prepayment function on the Shopify site because of very low sales turnover and relatively high running costs of pre-payment apps.

We expect to sell the updated version of the Brake Van at a similar price point to the existing versions.

Please e-mail me on info@jmdesignmr.co.nz or PM on this group if you would like to place an expression of interest or have any questions.

Blog featuring graphics and photos of our latest 'modernised" version of the 20T Good Brake with all metal duckets/lookouts



JHB the Graphic Samples are for illustrative purposes only (so prospective customers can see the detail), the Brown will be brown, the Yellow yellow and Black black and roof a secret blend perfected by my paint supplier 🤣


All planked version based on 23642 "the Cultra Van" with 'in service" graphics/decals.


Sheeted ply cabin version  with vertical planked verandas 23508



Test print of the ply cabin version by our former Singapore supplier graphics are a mock up to be finalised if we proceed to production


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1 hour ago, raymurph said:

What would the cost be delivered to rep. of Ireland?

Our minimal postage work out at $30NZ or €17.50 Tracked and Traced to Ireland.

Model cost likely to be  €45.00 at current exchange rates.

There is nothing to stop a group of members clubbing together to buy several (or my minimum batch of 50) and share reduced postal cost and take care of  import Vat on arrival.

I am also looking at UK manufacture &  assembly as an option, but may not work our any cheaper than the present arrangement.

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2 hours ago, Patrick Davey said:

Sent you a PM John :)


No worries Patrick, it looks like I will be going ahead with this model and I am considering options for distribution in Ireland and UK.

At this stage I expect to have decorated samples ready mid-year and delivery late Autumn 2024 (Northern Hemisphere), days are already getting cooler and shorter in this part of the World as autumn approaches.🤣

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