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Bit of an offbeat one here; my layout room has been invaded by half a house full of stuff - long story - unrelated to the railway.

I need to find a semi-long-term storage facility, dry & insulated, somewhere broadly near Malahide to put stuff in for maybe a year or two. Looking up websites, it is clear that storage facilities run a cartel. None publish their prices - you have to ring them, which as a separate issue means you get bombarded with junk email and endless marketing calls for weeks afterwards; plus the prices they all quote are several light years above ridiculous.

Anyone know of somewhere sensible in the area? Until or unless I can get a whole pile of stuff out of the house, there will be no more Dugort Harbour progress for a long time to come!! 😞


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18 minutes ago, David Holman said:

Stuff! The bandof our lives, JB - we all have way too much of it.

Be ruthless? Easier said than done.

Reorganize? As above

Dig down? Expand upwards or outwards? All down to money...

Don't envy you.

Gonna have to be a combination of (2) & (3) - nowhere to expand to!

9 minutes ago, DJ Dangerous said:

How about moving Dugort to Malahide, merging it with the Casino railway, and renting out the Dugort room to OTHER suckers looking for storage?

If only you knew somebody involved enough...

Oh, wait...

There's barely enough room in the Malahide Casino for THEIR stuff; and they wouldn't take kindly to me rolling up with a bed, a settee, and boxes and boxes of books, cutlery and bedside lamps.......... an exercise bike, rocking chair and whatever else oul junk is up there festering away...........

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