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I hope you like SD-40's!

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High hood SD40 y'say?


Pics, or it didn't happen! :P


What can't speak can't lie!






She's an Overland Brass loco suitable for N&W. I got it for a very reasonable price (for brass anyway) and while a bi old she runs very well so far. I wanted to use her as a project and paint her NS but it seems that by the time the N&W SD40s found their way to NS the bogies changed for triple clasp trucks. I will have to see how easy it is to switch her to a Southern based engine and if there would be much work needed in that or else source the correct trucks. Another one for the 'to do' pile!


Still, since Athearn's SD40 tooling is broken and Kato not offering a high hood SD40 (to the best of my knowledge) it's a great starting point. Detail is incredible.

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That's rather nice Fran <he said, trying to remove all traces of envy from his voice>.


I've never been terribly convinced by Athearn's SD40s - I've got an MRL unit that doesn't get much running. As for high hoods, I tend to prefer them in their later guises with NS, ditchlights an' all - the most convincing model that I've yet seen was Kato based with Cannon nose - Jon Grant's for 'Sweet Home Alabama' if I remember correctly.


Cheers again for the pics Fran :)



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