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A bit of a spin

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From an old diary: Saturday: Cork with (brand new) 071. Sunday: Belfast with 060 (A60). Monday: Sligo with a pair of 121's (numbers not recorded), returning with 133 + 135 (cab run as far as Dromod in leading 133). Tuesday: Cork again with a pair; 121+ unidentified 141, out to Coph and back with 155, cab run. Wednesday: Limerick with unidentified A class, bus to Tralee, and return with 020 (A20) as far as Mallow, then an 071 back to Dublin.


On another day, footplated 077 to Cork, came back with another 071, sat in laminate dining car 24xx series, had a well done steak, chips, dessert, tea (from a dribbly pot) on the 17:30 to Heuston, which loaded to 10 bogies and two four wheel "tin vans".


Then A class 010 (before it was destroyed in the crash at Lisburn!) to Wexford, 008 back.


And a run to Howth with 209 (C class) and a set of ricketty de-engined, plastic seated push-pulls.


About a week later, a run from York Road to Coleraine in a 70 class; the driving trailer was leading and the train was trying to make up time. I have never, before or since, had such a lively run on a train anywhere in the world! Then a run along Lisburn - Antrim in a single car MPD - the line had just been re-opened. It was to be the only time I travelled in an MPD. It might have been No. 64 or 65 - not sure.


I noted that it was some five years since my last journey in one, which had seen me taking an ex-GN railcar set in black'n'tan to Dundalk, changing there into a similar set, but in NIR livery.... The CIE ones had unusual circular neon light bulbs, while the NIR ones had straight ones! At Portadown, three drunk young men got on and spent the rest of the journey singing offensive sectarian songs....


Those were the days. Apart from the songs, wouldn;t it be great to have a little of it back!

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Those were the days. Apart from the songs, wouldn;t it be great to have a little of it back!


it sure would - what id give to have your memories on the railway! i think its time to go...




i think we'd have a hard time getting one of those machines!

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