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Shapeways buses

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Quite a few people have been enquiring about the erstwhile Shapeways model buses, the CIE SS class schoolbus and the U class Royal Tiger.


I have returned the 1:76 scale models to the Shapeways website - look for Irish Model Buses.


Be aware that there is an additional delivery charge, Shapeways don't mention this until you order and go to your checkout page, and *poop* there it is! It was 8 or 9 euro when I last checked. I'd rather they put that up front with the pricing, but there you are.


I have one more bus under development at the moment, slowly, and I hope to get back and develop the whole project more, when I can. Pressure of other commitments has it all on the back burner at the moment.


As some modellers know, this 3D printed nylon material is very hard and unforgiving. It is porous and slightly rough textured, so will definitely need a sealing coat of something like Klear polish or filling primer before painting, and probably three coats of paint in order to get a smooth finish. With a bit of work, they are strong and accurate models.


Vac formed windscreens are available for the U bus. PM for details.

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