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Ireland as she used to be.

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Stumbled across a huuuuuuge collection of colour photos on Flickr, posted by the intriguingly-named "MajorCalloway". Amongst them are a small, but significant number of railway photos, including a gloomy platform shot inside Kingsbridge Station, circa 1961. Also this one at Dun Laoghaire.


They are mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, but there are some late '50s pics in there as well.


Click here to view the album


Kindly note that I accept no responsibility for wallowing in nostalgia :ROFL:

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Wow - that collection is quite something and a really valuable resource for modellers in terms of incidental details and colour. We have vehicle number plates, a lovely range of prototypes, lots of ideas for buildings, plus loads of info on the colours of peoples clothes at that time.

Also brings back memories of my first visit to Ireland, one of the many minor highlights was being stuck in a traffic jam in Nenagh - it was market day. The vehicle in front was a cattle lorry and its passengers had clearly been feasting on spring grass.. The steady stream of liquid manure coming out the back of the lorry was slowly filling up the gutter, much to the consternation of the two housewives who had just scrubbed their bit of that pavement!

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An amazing collection. Is it just me or are the steam locos actually black rather than grey?


Late GSWR / all GSR - all grey, except the three 800 class. CIE - same, but passenger / Dublin suburban locos largely lined green after about 1949/50, and a handful (but not that many) repainted in black from the mid 50's to the end of steam. A grey loco very quickly started to look blackish if "cleaned" with oily rags, or rarely cleaned!

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