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How to Add Discharge Pipework to the Cement Bubble

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Quick little hint more than tutorial. Following on from the D&M release, and my own building of a cement bubble, I was faced with the "how do the pipes at the end" question. Now this isn't perfect, but to my mind it's good enough to add a bit of detail.




Pipes in question.. Spares from the Dapol Prestwin Kit...




Grab the pair of pipes from either lower left or right.




and one of the discharge pipes from this sprue.




Make two small holes on the deck to the left of centre and pop in the upright pipes, shearing off the horizontal parts. Nip off the extra piece on the discharge pipe, and turning the discharge pipe on the side glue it to the two uprights. A piece of cotton bud/cocktail stick at an angle should do for the main tank discharge pipe.




Just a bit less naked methinks.

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