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Bleach Green at Bangor

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Hello All,


We plan to take Bleach Green to the Ist Bangor Model Railway exhibition in Bangor on 23rd May (7 -9.30pm) and 24th 10-17.00. The venue is the usual one, the church halls in Main Street just a few moments walk from bus or train.


74 approaching Larne viaduct NAE above sky.jpg


view upward from under viaduct #1.jpg


NCC Group

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1st Bangor 25th Anniversary Show was held yesterday and today. Some photographs of the Exhibits which was held across 4 Halls.





Z scale in a suitcase






Swiss Village N scale








Our own Nelson with his fathers Co Durham layout








Ballyrichmond - MRSI






So much to see with lots of non railway working features




And so to Bleach Green which was my favourite.








MPD's of different shapes and hues




The original 70 class 6 Car Set with two power cars.






MED coming on the Larne line




Another MPD, No 46 with a Driving trailer.


A good crowd on Friday night, hope today went as well

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Bleach Green Junction needs a serious attack of the weathering kind, the scenery, the track and the stock. All too squeaky clean for my liking. Even road dirt would suffice. I know trains were kept cleaner back then but they still got dirty. Baile Cois Farraige was the only layout there with weathered stock...

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The colour is known as Eau de Nil/'Catherwood Blue' and similar to that used on some of UTA Road Fleet. It was as short lived livery.


I like the livery better than other UTA era ones, but I imagine it would have got dirty fairly quickly?

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Yeah it would have got dirty very quickly, which is why it didn't last long and the UTA went in favour of the Brunswick Green....


The UTA had a number of diesel liveries during its time - originally what was called "dark Brunswick" green with varying lines of pale green/white/cream/, MPDs were unlined green, then the shortish lived eau-de-nil already mentioned ( buses and trains weren't necessarily the same shade either!), then in 1961/2 the trains went back to a slightly lighter shade of Brunswick green unlined. (when new anyway!) In 1965 trains went multi hued with different liveries for the ex GNR sections (white/blue), BCDR (green/cream) - and NCC - red/white/light grey. Each had two versions. They looked well but of course inevitably you had trains made of different ones plus the remaining green, but all disappeared when NIR took over and maroon/grey became the order of the day. Steam hauled stock remained green lined yellow/red throughout until NIR painted some of the remaining carriages maroon with a broad white line at window level.


As regards weathering, well, Ken likes his stuff weathered (though hasn't got round to it yet). I did some weathering some time ago but decided against it., I just prefer my models clean.


We all decided on a compromise of the viaduct colour. It varied from clean bright concrete through pretty grotty weathered, then brilliant white in 2002, gradually fading now. If only someone could produce an instantly changeable finish everyone could be satisfied. Maybe.



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