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Athearn RTR GP60M

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Hi all,

I recently picked up an Athearn RTR GP60M and GP60B on eBay.

Arrived yesterday, and I am pleased to say that they are great locos. The detailing is good, with realistically thin handrails, separately applied grab irons and see through roof fan grilles. The ATSF warbonnet livery is well applied, as usual for Athearn in my experience.

They both run nicely on DC, although they are a bit on the noisy side. I hear this is fairly common for RTR range locos (all my previous Athearn locos have been Genesis).

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchases, and would definitely buy another Athearn RTR model in the future.

And to finish, a few photos




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I believe I was watching these on Ebay myself....

I have a couple of Athearn RTR's and although they were a bit growly at first they quietened down after a while. My ones have the newer can motors so any noise is only coming from the gears in the trucks.


Nice! Gotta love a bit of Warbonnet ;)


The RTR/Bluebox motors can be a bit hit and miss with many yanks installing Kato or Canon motors in their place (they'd probably die if they ever saw a Lima pancake!) Some tips on better running here


I tried that trick with the Pearl Drops on some older Blue Box Athearns, did'nt really help. I found filing between the teeth of the gears worked much better as you can get a lot of flash and rough spots on the plastic.

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Irishthump, I agree with what you said about quietting down over time. I've had them only a few days but I suspect they mightnt have run for a while with the last owner and after a few hours running in theres been a fair reduction in noise, which I think was probably the gears in the drive as opposed to the motor, which I think is one of the new cans.

Warbonnet, thanks for the tips, will bear those in mind!

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