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Hi - New member

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Hey folks -

Delighted to find this site! Was pointed here by Wrenneire, and great to see so much stuff going on.

Have only recently developed the interest enough to start mocking together tracks and running my sole loco!

About 10 years ago I picked up an old jouef 67001 deisel with passenger pullmans and restaurant car and lots of misc track, some jouef/lima/peko - its all quite old though apart from a simple ring of fleischmann track. To be honest its not good enough for a permanent fixture but plenty fun for now.


Unfortunately my loco is not running so clean due to one of the gears slipping down as a locking washer is missing off the drive shaft that holds the gear that transfers down from the motor shaft.


Am on the lookout for a nice little diesel shunter and freight wagons as I am quite fond of the deisels - more so than the steam but its all visual preference really!


I have a good space to work with in the long term (22ft by 4ft) but right now I am just reading reading reading and looking at pictures!! So much terminology / info to take in.


I would like to make a permanent layout - something simple then add to it as money allows . trying to gather the money for enough peco 75 to run a standard loop with one long siding. hopefuly i could add to that as time goes by but in the short term thats the 'acheivable' goal for now.


Anyway catch you on the forums - hopefuly I wont ask too many questions!

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Hi there bakerlite & welcome to the site, as you have said lot's of stuff going on here, don't be afraid to ask any questions there's always as said someone on here with an answer, may not always be the answer you'er looking for, but don't worry about it, it'll come right in time, by the way (btw) the dust & abuse is free, enoy your time while you can, :-bd

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