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The African Cup of Nation.

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Behold some of the dumbest f**** in the world. If they were smart enough to put the flag up correctly they might have the bare minimum IQ to be gainfully employed as unskilled labour, at fast food restaurant etc. instead of stealing every tyre and pallet for weeks on end to disrespect the flag of a sovereign nation they know little or nothing about. Only citizens of that nation have the right to burn that flag under the gravest circumstance of civil peaceful protest against a government democratically elected to represent their interests. If these individuals are unhappy with their lot they should burn the Union Jack and deliver a letter to Stormont (assuming they have gained sufficiency literacy skills while building bonfires)


I witnessed one of things fall over and melt the asphalt on the road once. Needless to say, that community didn't contribute to the resurfacing, which is why I am wondering if these guys live in that caravan to the left (I can only hope):mad:

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