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Dont end up like this........

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A friend of mine used to travel the country servicing industrial boilers - his wife suffered with arthritis and saw an advert for Royal Jelly, with addresses all over the country. "Where are you tomorrow?" - "Worcester" - "Well, go to this address I'm writing for you and get me a load of Royal Jelly".


When he got to the address she'd written, it was a "private shop" and he thought it must be that she'd written it down wrong. He went home empty-handed and got it in the neck for not having the goods. So, he himself wrote the address of the source in the town he was going to the next day, which was only a few miles away this time.


When he got there, it was another branch of the same "private shop" and so, he realised that he had to venture in, he just couldn't return home empty-handed again.


He took a deep breath and entered - they soon fulfilled his order, but also put many leaflets of their other products in the bag. Relieved, he prepared to exit the shop and dash across the road to his van. As he ran from the door, he bumped into a couple that were walking past - he stepped back to apologise - then he realised that the couple were his next-door neighbours. Feeling that he had to say something, He said "It's not for me, it's for the wife", then the bag burst open and the leaflets started blowing up the street....

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