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In April I bought a copy the IRRS booklet Great Northern Railway (Ireland) Carriage Diagrams Part 5 Non Passenger Stock. The booklet contains drawings of a number of GNR 4, 6 and bogie wagons. I saw a bogie parcel wagon in Desmond Coakham's book and thought that it would make a god model. However the book did not have any dimensions so I was delighted to get the IRRS booklet which had all the information I needed.


In may I started to make a P1 parcel van mainly from plastic sheeting but enhanced with card and some brass tube. The only part I did not make was the bogies these are N gauge society kits.


The following photos show roughly the progress in making the wagon.


The chassis is made from mounting board. The bogies are attached by means of a small piece of brass tube glued into the mounting board. the board id raised above the wheels of the bogie by a washer which also provides a little weight.


GNR P1 chassis cropped.jpg


This view shows the side, the other side is the same.


GNR P1 side cropped.jpg


I put some generic boxes inside as I had glazed the windows but nothing can be seen inside when the roof is on


GNR P1 inside cropped.jpg


As can be seen the windows are too small in this scale to see anything. For the louvres I tried scoring the plastic but with little success


GNR P1 initial window.jpg


The roof made from card has been added together with details on the doors and chassis


GNR P1 side roof cropped.jpg


This view show one end, the other being the same


GNR P1 end cropped.jpeg


The final stage was the painting and lettering. the following photos show the completed wagon. The lettering and numbering were done on the computer. I have given the wagon a worn look.


GNR P1 painted  side closeup 3.jpg


GNR P1 painted  rear.jpg



GNR P1 painted side.jpg

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A few photos of the making of the GNR Grain wagon. The wagon is pictured on my T-Trak layout thread. Here I have posted 3 photos of how it came together. Basically this is a scan of a drawing reduced to N scale and coloured on the computer. The sides and the ends were then printed and glued on to card. The chassis is mounting board and the bogies are 25y bogies from the N gauge society. I think that given the small size of the wagon, a smaller bogies would be better.


The roof and the loading hatches are made from card as are the smaller inspection hatches on the sides. The ladder is plastic and was originally part of a Peco tanker.


GNR grain wagon initial changes end cropped.jpg


GNR grain wagon initial changes side 2 cropped.jpg


This is the final painted and numbered version. The lettering and the numbers are part of the computer printed sides. The computer coloured sides had a reddish tint so I painted them a lighter shade of grey.


GNR grain wagon painted side  6 cropped.jpg


The original drawing did not have the name Guinness or numbers on it so I am guessing that if this did have the name Guinness on the sides it would be partly obscured by the ladder.



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