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Stafford Exhibition - 6th / 7th of February, 2016.

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This is next weekend, if you're passing by. Allegedly the biggest show in the Midlands, after Warley, and a lot more civilised.


If you do go, beware of the boggy car-parking. It was quite an issue a few years ago. I was up there a couple weeks ago and it was fairly soft then.


Also check for motorway roadworks. Not too much of an issue at weekends, but the odd slip-road closure has occurred, though mostly at night. And avoid driving through Stafford itself - it's a minefield. The A34 to the south of the town, in particular, is virtually impassable.

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I went today, but the car-parking was utter madness - if anybody does go in future years, then feel free to ask for advice. There were people getting stuck on the way in.


I'll pop some pictures up later, but I did pick up a copy of this, with lots of interesting pictures in.




..and a 3L scalpel handle.



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Right, pictures.


Nothing specifically Irish in the layouts this year, but I did spot these on offer.




Not all the layouts had engines in pristine condition.




Some of the buildings were also less than pristine.




And some of the visitors also showed signs of wear....




I do like a nice fiddle-yard.







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Is this held at the Showgrounds man?

Used to attend a fair there back in the day when I was collecting Wrenn

Huge gig, took most of the day to get around all the stalls

Cant remember if there were layouts


It is - you may have been at one of the Barry Potter Fairs, perhaps - http://www.barrypotterfairs.com/fairs.php?fair=19 ?


Still a Wrenn Boy that turns up at those, if you ever need a contact. I go to about 2/3 of them.


I might go up tomorrow and see if anybody is still stuck in the mud.


The HS2 is supposed to run at the bottom of the hill, if they ever build it.

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