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Had a quick look - seems handy enough. The Bachmann 00 track codes all tally, though I don't think they have all the track listed (no Y point).

Handy to not have to go installing anything, and just run in the browser. Should be easier for letting others take a look at plans & make comments too

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Please note that this has no connection with a programme called Trax from some years back produced by Jeff Geary which I found very useful. I think it may still be available but there is an active Trax-users bit within Templot - which is free to download track planner but not of the 'plug-together-proprietary-sectional-track' type. Trax (the Jeff Geary one) is very useful and Templot too in producing 21mm gauge P4 pointwork and can be used to overlay and then replicate large-scale prototype maps.

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