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Train Line Suffix TL, TLA, TLB

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In this photo from Ernie's collection the craven has a 'Train Line' suffix (TL) after the coach number to denote the coach is equipped for train lighting provided by the generator van. On another thread we discussed TLA where the coach in question (although itself vacuum braked) had a through air pipe to allow it to run with air-braked stock.

Can someone tell me what the 'B' stands for in the TLB suffix please?

Limerick Junc 162 img738

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Can someone tell me what the 'B' stands for in the TLB suffix please? https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/8515494162/in/album-72157626825629406/


Coach is fitted with a Guards emergency brake valve-a compartment at one end of a Cravens coach which could be accessed via a carriage key and contained a brake valve and a vacuum brake dial,

A Guard could start train from that coach if it was the rearmost vehicle in the formation,and conduct a brake continuity test,

1558 was one of two coaches fitted with this apparatus and was generally allocated to the Limerick-Linerick Jctn shuttle until replaced by railcars,

We then had that coach for a number of years on the Ballina branch train until withdrawal.

I remember taking a photo of the compartment I must try and dig it out.

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AHA! Very interesting indeed. The guard could start the train i.e. the locomotive from there like a DVT? Here the coach is next to the loco of course. Picture would be great if you could post that. Many thanks for the reply:D


Starting the train by the guard giving the driver a hand or flag signal as opposed to physically starting the loco.


This would have been handy for doing a brake test after coupling up if the van was coupled next to the loco. From memory the MK2D coaches were built with a miniature brake compartment so that the Generator van could be marshalled at either end of the train.

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