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MacOS - VMware Windows 10 - Anyrail

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Just some feedback for any IT or Tech bods on here who use Mac


I use Mac, but don't really like 'RailModeller' track planner, and prefer 'Anyrail' which only runs on Windows. But, just got Windows 10 (64-bit) running on MacOS Sierra under VMware Fusion. Works a treat and no dual boot nonsense, just swipe four fingers on the track pad to switch from Mac desktop to Windows desktop. I hear Parallels is just as good a VM tool. Looking forward to retrospectively creating a digital track plan for 'Kingsbridge' and also for future layouts.

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Where did you get Windows 10, Noel? It has become progressively harder to find a full standalone copy of a Windows OS, not just the 'Upgrade" This has been a stumbling block for me, the lack of a track planner for Mac OS. I have a new iMac so I probably need to invest in a Fusion or parallels also.


Hi Kevin. You can buy it retail in store (it comes on a USB key only), or online and download the ISO image, burn a DVD, or install from ISO image and buy an activation key from Microsoft's web site. I bought it retail, but installed from a downloaded ISO image because VMWare could not boot/install W10 from the USB key, only DVD, but used the retail product key. Obviously you need an Apple USB DVD SuperDrive, or an older mac with a DVD drive, or download image to a virtual DVD drive. Will post feedback when I've spent some more time with Anyrail. Noel

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