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Greystones Switch Cabin - Restored

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I'm making this switch box for Closetmodeller's Greystones Layout....


GSB-10 IMAG2672.jpg


All the plastic parts are cut from .5mm styrene from CAD drawings on the Cameo Silhouette cutter. The gutters are half cut Q-Tip straws with a blob of epoxy under for the brackets, the outside walls are painted with stipple brush, the interior and roof finishes are printed paper laser copied. The switch levers and stove are my own pattern, and are made from moulds. The steps are cut foam and the handrail is .5mm brass soldered up.


GSB-01 IMAG2218.jpg


GSB-02 IMAG2219.jpg


GSB-03 IMAG2222.jpg


GSB-04 IMAG2227.jpg


GSB-05 IMAG2528.jpg


GSB-06 IMAG2527.jpg


GSB-07 IMAG2669.jpg


GSB-08 IMAG2670.jpg


GSB-09 IMAG2671.jpg


GSB-10 IMAG2672.jpg


GSB-11 IMAG2673.jpg



As you can see we have restored the Georgian style windows, the crude replacement aluminium windows on the real thing destroys this lovely building!


A few more tweaks and it should be done to go into position in its new home very soon.



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Lovely stuff Eoin, great to see this type of stuff happening :)


Does the Cameo have an overcut setting and an allowance for blade offset? It seems they might be too low as it's taking the corners for some of those windows a bit too soon and rounding them off? Maybe go to 0.25mm styrene, even?


Then again, two foot rule :P




edit - what jig or alchemy allowed you to cut earbud shanks in half?

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Hi Glenderg




The windows are the Never Tear I use for the Dart body it's less than .2mm, but it's actually the material is getting pulled on the Cameo sticky carrier sheet by the blade, the frames are .4mm and when the second line is cut on that bit of frame it comes free and the whole thing needs constant pushing back down by me while the machine is cutting. I have change the settings as you suggest on another test cut but still experiencing the coming unstuck buzz!


The bud shanks are cut with scalpel in a jig pocket half the depth of the shank, sliding the scalpel laterally supported by the jig on both sides of the shank pocket. The shank is held by an end-stop and all made in styrene. It takes a bit of practice but buds are cheep- drop them in white spirit for a min or two and the cotton falls off. Cant find it to photo for you!!




Edit;- Oh and the shank is slightly over scale

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Ooooh, know the feeling. I got this 3M stuff that is like fixative spray, but is designed to be permanent rather than adjustable, and even though it takes forever to get the cut sheet off the carrier, there's no "finger vs rollers vs blade" dance that I've had to put up with before just using the carrier sheets factory "sticky".


Bit of cleaning with ***** spirits afterward, and it's fine.


I can visualise what you're at with the earbuds, and the risk averse in me says "no"! Sounds frustrating and intense, but the results prove it's worth it!



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