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Grand Hibernian on a Budget

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Old Lima 201 that has been hanging around like a bad smell for years.


I bought it and it was hand weathered with brown enamel - I don't feel too bad about stripping and respraying. (Dave look away):)


Plan is to re-motor and give it the Belmond treatment.


MK3's and decals are on the way also.


Inspiration from this month's model rail.


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Very Interested in this project as I was thinking of something to do with mine. Lots of pictures and descriptions please.


Cheers, will do. I have a silver spray that looks close enough. I am just going to eyeball the blue against the pictures in Model Rail - he had to darken an existing BR blue. Off to the motor shop I reckon.

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Another company called ModelTorque also produced replacement motors, but I think they may have ceased production.


Graham Rooke, the man behind the ModelTorque range, died just before Christmas 2012, and, although there was a possibility of things continuing at some point, it looks as though they haven't.

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I contacted Diesel Trains during the week about a 201 motor but they never got back to me. The item was out of stock. I wonder are they still operational?? I know re-motoring Lima's is probably a bit old hat at this stage but it worked well in some of locos I re-motored and was a cheap way to revive an old DC train.

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Just got 1 myself, which one was the Wright one, I got the 12 teeth


I would say this one. It says suitable for all G type motors. Also the review is from someone who remotored a class 55.


Diesels trains motor for the class 201 was also suitable for a class 55. So it's a good guess it will work.



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