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Steaming in Three Centuries.

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Just finished reading this book by Irwin Pryce & Leslie McAllister on the 101 Class locomotive. I did not know of the books existence until Leslie McAllister modestly mentioned to me at the Bangor Show “Of course you’ve read my book on the 101’s”


Steaming in 3.jpg


I always had a liking for the J15’s and they ran in such numbers for so long on Irish Railways. When you look at photographs of the Irish Steam era the 101 Class were ubiquitous and it’s great that two were preserved.




I must commend this book to anyone having an interest in these locomotives and it has 'loads' of great pictures.

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What you have a kit but can't find it.... you must have some collection. Anyway the book gives 3 drawings but no measurements, 101 @ 1888, 184 & 186 as they are today. New Irish Lines have been doing a series of give away drawings of GSR and include J15A & J15B with measurements.

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you would be surprised at the collection, I am a bit of a hoarded when it comes to model railways I do have quite a bit of OOn3 and 009 models and kits, this makes up for the fire sale I had to do when I was much younger when we moved I didn't have any room at the time for model railways.

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