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Jeremy Suter wagon kits

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Colin R

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As far as I know, he has turned masters for domes and chimneys on SSM kits, but I've never heard of a kit specifically coming from his stable to suit our market.


Mayner of this parish may be the man to ask though, he may have the skinny on such things.



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Jeremy Suter produced a number of high quality whitemetal kits of Irish wagons about 20 years ago including GNR & NCC flat wagons with bread containers, a UTA version of a GNR Bread Van, MGWR Loco Coal Wagon and GNR Standard Van. The kits were suitable for OO, EM or 21mm gauge.


As far as I know no more were produced once the initial batch sold out.


Jeremy was the Scale4 Society Sales Officer and also supplied track and back to back gauges for 21mm gauge

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Thanks John


This is most helpful for a newbie to this site and the history of Irish railway modelling, I am sure that resin kits are the way to go forward, I have a few for my Isle of Man 3ft gauge project, which so far have been easy to clean up, I just need to get on and build them.


A friend of mine has shown me how to make up masters a few years ago while he was working on a model aircraft kit.


I have always wanted to get around to building a number of Cavan and Leitrim converter vans in resin as each one was different, but to date I haven't done so.

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Below is a picture of two Jeremy Suter wagons under construction. I picked them up at Modelrail Glasgow some years ago.

The closed van is all but finished, and the bread container wagon still has underframe detail to be fitted. The container wagon can be built either as a GNR version as shown here, or an NCC version with outside W irons. Two bread containers came with each container wagon.

Both wagons shown here were supplied with one floating axle to give a three point suspension.



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