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Warley 2017

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As usual, the Irish Railway Record Society will have a stand at this exhibition at the NEC this weekend 25/6 November. We're Stand B100.

Show is open Saturday 9.45am to 6pm and on Sunday 9.45am to 5pm.

We will particularly be showing how the Society's Archive can help the modeller, through the digitisation of loco, carriage and  wagon drawings held by the Society. This is the work of my pal Richard McLachlan, who will be on hand to tell you what's available and what might become available! Recent additions to the drawings catalogue include architectural drawings (mainly GNR), station layouts and signalling diagrams (NCC only at the moment, I believe). 

You can pick up our current catalogue, or even buy books (or discs) of the drawings.

We will be selling some Irish books, too, including the recent book on the Lough Swilly and the pictorial Irish Railways in the 1950s and 1960s. PLus many out of print items - a treasury for the collector!

Please note that I won't be SELLING my wagon kits at the event, but if you pre-order kits, they can be delivered to you there.

Now, even better news - WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Across the aisle from us, on stands B84 and B85 you will find Andy Cundick's Arigna (Cavan and Leitrim 3foot gauge) and next door is David White's Old Blarney. Two of my favourite layouts - they pass my test of a good exhibition layout in that there is always something going on, unlike too many otherwise excellent layouts.

Now, before I get the usual deluge of comments about how awful Warley is - yes, it's busy on the Saturday, without fail, but Sunday is a good bet and you get peace to admire the many superb layouts in peace. It's also a great place to visit traders and get those tools or materials which you'd otherwise be sending for in the post! Nicer to see before you buy?

Do call by and say "Hallo".


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Just a line to say that it was great to see familiar faces at Warley again this year, including a Royal visit from Patrick and Fran!

Lots of interest in Richard's drawings - it was the books of NCC and GNR station layouts and signalling diagrams produced by the late Russell Currie which seemed to steal the show! 

Being opposite Old Blarney and Arigna we were never short of entertainment.

Lord White was in fine form, although he failed to convince a local mayor who was visiting just WHY an elephant was in an Irish town! Always a crowd in front of the layout which has dozens of super little cameo scenes built in. My observation to David that there weren't nearly enough people at the funeral taking place in the local parish church was met by the demand - do you think I am made of money - have you counted how many people there are on this layout already? Suitably chastened, I took myself off to the races (at the other end of the layout).

Even Andy came up with some story as to why the first train on the Saturday morning was a loaded coal train ARRIVING at Arigna - although  I can't remember what his line was, so it can't have been that convincing.

Well done the Warley Club, a good way to spend a weekend, as always the place to be on the last weekend of November.

And thanks to those of you who supported Richard and I.


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4 hours ago, leslie10646 said:

Just a line to say that it was great to see familiar faces at Warley again this year, including a Royal visit from Patrick and Fran!... 

It was great catching up with you, Leslie!

Despite its size, Warley almost felt like a local show with all the familiar faces we bumped into over the weekend. :)

Looking forward to next year already!

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