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Fort Camden

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Saw this fantastic model of Fort Camden  a while back at an exhibition in Dún Laoghaire. It depicted the fort in its heyday as a coastal deference instillation. The level of detail is stunning especially the cliff guns, the Brennan torpedo and the  Vospers MTB!   Definitely worth a look .......  

fort camden 010.JPG

fort camden 002.JPG

fort camden 006.JPG

fort camden 015.JPG

fort camden 013.JPG

fort camden 011.JPG

fort camden 008.JPG

fort camden 012.JPG

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Fantastic modelling all of it. There is the Military modelling the narrow gauge railway the maritime modelling is particularly eye catching especially the water. I love the light house and cottages there is so much crammed into that diorama and yet it really captures spaciousness. What is really interesting is the rendering of the stone with it's texture and colour particularly when you look at the the real stone wall behind the gent sitting.

Thanks for sharing those amazing pics Seamus they are modelling gold.


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Heard a story about the boat in the third last pic, The Kerlogue.

Apparently it picked up some German sailors from a sunken U Boat somewhere in the Bay of Biscay

The British Navy asked them to bring them to a UK port to be handed over to the RN

The boat continued on to Ireland and the prisoners ended up in the curragh I think

Some weeks before the war ended the boat straffed by 2 Spitfires, piloted by Polish pilots

They thought it was an enemy boat

Dont mess with the RN!

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