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GSWR 52 Class

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The design of the loco is at quite an advanced stage with the artwork for the various elements of the locomotive superstructure substantially complete.

Subject to the level of demand I am looking at the option  of supplying the loco as a complete kit complete with SSM GSWR J15 tender and detail castings or a flat pack of etchings only similar to Worsley Works kits.



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For future kits I am planning to supply the etched parts direct as a flat pack from the photo engraver in the UK and the castings and hardware separately from New Zealand. 

The majority of my regular customers are appear to be experienced rather than novice builders, for whom forming tumblehomes, flares and rolling boilers should be less of an issue than a novice.

Supplying the etchings direct from the engraver would largely eliminate the risk to UK (and hopefully EU)customers of a package being stopped by customs and having to unexpectedly  pay VAT and Customs processing fee. 


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Some photos of the assembled test build of the 52 Class, I am currently finalising a number of amendments to the design before I release the production version at some stage in late 2020 early 2021.

The kit will be supplied with brass and whitemetal castings, but will exclude wheels gears and motor and couplings.

There is more detail on the assembly of the loco in my Tales from the Carriage Shops thread in the Workbench section of this newsgroup.




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Having completed the test build we are planning to release the kit in June-July 2021 at $290NZ excluding shipping, import charges and local taxes

The majority of the kits have been pre-sold or reserved, but we will continue to accept expressions of interest on a 1st come served basis in the event of cancellations.



No 93 arriving at Keadue on the daily passenger. Not sure what a broad gauge train is doing on the narrow gauge.

No 93 is OO the coaches 21mm and the track 12mm, I desperately need to build OO & 21mm modules of layouts.



93 broadside the number plate is temporary fixed with double sided tape as the model is based on 59.

Boiler fittings and tender are SSM, boiler/firebox step ring, buffers, tender toolboxes are JMD brass castings.


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