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Signal/Stop/Warning Red

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Humbrol 209 Fire Orange (fluorescent, gloss)


This looks a lot like the distinctively Irish 'warning red' I remember on signals, end flashes, etc.

Was that on NIR too, or just CIE/IE?

And since when?

I'm not sure if I am remembering it from CIE or NIR or from 20 or 40 years ago


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NIR never used the “day-glo”; all semaphores remained (in a few cases badly faded) ordinary red until replaced by colour lights.

As far as I’m aware the first use on CIE was experimental about 1968/9. I remember jhb171Snr getting a sample of it about then. Maybe 1970.

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I'd say that's not far off, maybe a little more red, I would have thought but see how it dries on your primed surface. The one thing I don't personally like about the color on the signals is that at some point they seem to have gone from being red and white to this tricolor arrangement where they're 'tipped' in red only. I've probably just opened a can of worms on red, orange, fading etc. but any info on this 'change' would be welcome. The 'X' on LC gates also seemed to be in a more orange color than the gate itself

IE 083 te Mullingar

d Limerick Junc 187 Aug 2002 a193



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