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DEMU 2019.

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I've had a few trips to the Far East lately, Hull last Sunday for a non-railway event, Sleaford yesterday for the Annual Bantry Assessment and I noticed that Accurascale would be at this year's DEMU Exhibition yesterday and today, which is only about thirty miles from here, so i felt obliged to go and provide a level of supervision.


I found half of them there (the other half presumably lounging about at IRM Towers over the long weekend), but they were ideally situated to collar victims on entry to the venue.




There was loads of interest there, a lot of trade stands with excellent displays, but manufacturers and retailers.


However, the layouts were truly superb, the 'killer' was the entire Forth Rail Bridge, with adjacent coasts, in T-Scale, with signals and running automatically - and flawlessly.




A lot of the stuff is 3-D Printed, on the buildings it has worked remarkably well, the 'layering' has produced a very plausible 'tiled' texture.


The Hornsey layout was really a three-dimensional historical document - the adverts alone could occupy a viewer for some time...




Plenty of other layouts to peruse, too.










The mixer drum was revolving, in N Gauge...


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Well, we missed this bit of excitement - https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/burton/live-sainsburys-evacuated-after-reports-2950723? - Sainsbury's is just across the road from the exhibition venue.


The cops said - "At 5.30pm we were called to reports of a piece of unexploded ordinance in Robian Way, Swadlincote.

What was believed to be a small World War 2 bomb had been found by a member of the public and a 100 metre cordon was put in place.

This resulted in a number of premises being evacuated as a precaution.

After consulting the Explosive Ordinance Division from Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell, the device was found not to be live.

The cordon was lifted at 8.20pm and all premises were re-opened to the public.

We would like to pass our thanks to members of the public for the patience whilst this situation was resolved." 


From that statement, the venue would have been outside the cordon, the discovery was about 200 metres away.

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I dug up a small German bomb in my back garden when I was 10, threw it against a wall to see what happened, then reburied it. It's still there!

I know for sure it was a bomb as I remembered to ask some metal detectorists about it few years back. Just a small explosive to disrupt roofing so incendiaries can take hold. They asked me what I did with it and their heads rolled back and their eyes rolled back when I told them!

Apparently you are supposed to ring 999 and ask for RAF Bomb Disposal but, informally, they are happy leaving things alone

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