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Sulzer B101 class loco

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2 hours ago, heirflick said:

Hi lads - Any of you learned ones know what sound chip would best suit the B101 Sulzer? Thanks!


Contact Wiggy formerly of this parish (Neil) @ www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk He probably may be able to make up a custom project for you using a BR class 24 primer mover combined with Irish horns. Top guy who's made plenty of custom Irish sound projects for me. Recently received a 121 chip from him using the latest LokSound V5 chip. It sounds and drives great.


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PS: Just fitted the latest Wheeltappers 121 sound decoder and it sounds fabulous, loaded with driving functionality, rail clank, flange sequel, Irish horns, and a fabulous cascading coupling snatch sound sequence simulating the start off of a loose coupled wagon train as the slack in each coupling is taken up moving progressively towards the back of the train, the reciprocal sound is available as a cascading buffer clash sequence as a loose coupled wagon train comes to a halt as each wagon buffers up moving down the length of the train. The sound is on the latest LokSound V5 decoders which include coasting and realistic braking for prototypical driving. Love driving with these sound projects.

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