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Spiddal - OO Gauge might-have-been CIÉ branch line in Co Galway

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1 year after my father (Galteemore) deciding he’d model the lines of our home country instead of German,  English and Japanese railways, I am uploading some pictures of what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks. I had quite a lot of old ‘OO’ gauge components and buildings left from my UK-outline modelling which I thought I could put to use. My idea is a branch line of the old MGWR (later GSR) Galway-Clifden railway which could have gone to Spiddal (An Spidéal). This is meant to be a small depot and station in rural Ireland, Spiddal is only a small place so it seems like the ideal choice. I may incorporate the sea into the backscene as it is a seaside village. This is, in no way, meant to represent accurately a specific branch line but it looks roughly like an Irish prototype of an in-the-sticks station. I intend to sell it when finished to make room for a 21mm gauge layout which represents a place to be revealed...

Any advice/suggestions welcome



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I’ve now decided that I would like to convert this layout into a model bus diorama which won’t be too much work. It was a quite simple skill tester so now it’s not quite what I’d like to use as a serious model railway. I will leave it there. It is, however, still going to be operational, I just don’t plan on using it as often as the new layout.  I might post a couple of pictures of the finished diorama in the ‘Buses’ section when it’s finished. 

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