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New layout design....advice/help welcome!

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I havent been around much for the last while but I've finally got my 'space' for a layout so time to start planning and designing....all ideas, inputs welcome!


Recently converted the attic so its going to go up there, space is 14ft wide and I can come out about 5-6ft into the room so lets assume overall I have 14ft*5ft to play with however its going be up up against the wall on 3 sides so cant make use of the full space or I'll never reach the back. I'm thinking a dog-bone is probably the best option ?? I dont intend to model any particular area, station, era etc but will be primarily Irish stock with some British paying a visit every now and again!


Couple of things I'd like to incorporate :


-I would like at least 2 main continuous loops

- a main station

- Goods yard with some opportunities for shunting etc

-I have a 'Live Steam' loco so I'd like to include a complete separate loop for that

-Side walls in the room are only 3ft high so baseboard going to be low at the sides, would like to include some elevation to bring up the height in the main section

- Was considering putting in a helix and having storage yards underneath but that will probably be a separate project.


I've had a quick look at the free trackplans but havent gone into detail yet.


Would become any suggestions or advice on things I shouldnt forget!!




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Thanks for the replies and apologies for the slow response on my side, unfortunately have hit a little bit of a planning permission problem :(( Now that the attic is converted and painted and looks like possibly the nicest room in the house there are some second thoughts on me taking half of it for the trains!!


May have to re-assess or scale back the plans a little but at least my PC is back up and running again so I will get started on some plans and see what you think. That SCARM program looks good, like the 3D rendering of plan!

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