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Greece Lock down rules seem a bit excessive!

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This is on the BBC News web site

"As countries across Europe begin to ease lockdown restrictions, authorities in Greece are reopening more than 500 of the country's beaches.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says he wants Greece's tourism season to begin in July.

For now, sun-seekers are required to respect social-distancing rules on the beach. No more than 40 people are allowed per 1,000 sq miles"


Seems a bit OTT 

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See they have spotted their boob. Now altered from miles to metres
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No I don't think it's OTT. You have to remember that no one knows what is the chance of the average person dies who from this when they get it. One could say that restrictions should have been placed harder than in nursing homes instead of the hospitals who are coping better than expected. Yes everything should have been treated fairly but in China there is quite few nursing homes and there is a law that you have to visit your parent/grandparents. In order to stop this fully we have to to the OTT. If not the weeker and vunrible from  it will die over time. For example

If The priest from father ted got it Ted and jack have the greater chance as they smoke and drink while Doogle has a less chance as he only roler skates.

stay safe


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Impatience and complacency are a risk now. The HSE strategy seems to have been entirely well founded on science and sound medical analysis, and appears to have prevented this from spiralling out of control and prevented many needless additional fatalities. What Greece does is their own business, but I cannot see tourists flying there to risk infection, and rightly I cannot see Ireland allow returning tourists enter into free circulation until after an enforced 2 week isolation, otherwise this could kick off all over again and the economic damage continue even longer as restrictions might have to be escalated once again. It would be a shame to see the progress made so far lost to last minute complacency or economic fear.

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I think you missed the error 40 people per 1000 SQUARE MILES ie. Take the average width of a beach between high and low tide. this would work out very roughly as 1 person on the beach between Dublin and Dundalk.

The BBC have now corrected their boob to 1000 square metres!

I have been in Lock down since 9 March when the first case in the North East happened at the Church where my wife,  daughter and her husband who live with me attend and had been in close contact with the person. So we had 14 days lockdown then the nation wide scheme came into operation. My daughter and son in law both work for the NHS (he on a Covid Ward) so we have all been extra careful. I take the dogs out at 4.45am before Haltwhistle awakes from its slumbers then its indoors for the rest of the day (unless DRS are sending the flasks through then i venture 50 feet to the overbridge for a quick video) Next wednesday I will make my first trip out of Haltwhistle after 72 days to Hexham Hospital for an MRI Scan; I think I would rather have stayed in Lock Down!

Happy Days, maybe not!


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