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GSR & CIE green

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The GSR version was ONLY ever on the three 800 class, and disappeared on first repaint, which was into the CIE livery they carried for the rest of their lives.

These are two of Fry’s models. He liked the GSR green, obviously, as he painted three of his locos in it (including 501 below), though none of them had it - yet his model of 800 was CIE green!

GSR (“800 class”) lining was yellow and black and CIE lining was as on 800 in Cultra, black and white.



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Drew’s system was clockwork (spring drive was his preferred term) and I think these are 3-rail electric. Drew referred to those who chose such propulsion methods as ‘sparksmen’. Drew’s eclectic - and strongly phrased - views on livery may have influenced Fry though.

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1 hour ago, DiveController said:

Were either of these the one that Fry made for Drew Donaldson, would that explain the color discrepancy? They look well either way

As far as I can ascertain, Fry may have made at least one model for Donaldson - though I have yet been unable to identify which one, if any. It is also believed that at least of one of his OWN - possibly the tank engine 900 - was made for Donaldson. If this is correct, it may be that he made the body and painted it as Drew wanted, but then for some reason ended up retaining it, whereupon he put an electric motor in it.

Drew was an extremely dogmatic person - but then so was Fry, by all accounts! In both cases, it was a brave man who contradicted them even when they were very demonstrably wrong!

The colour discrepancy isn't, as such; the two greens were different. No. 501 is in GSR green - as used on 800-2 only - whereas 670 is in the post-1945 lined green used by CIE. The two were different.

CIE put this green on main line passenger engines - the 500s, 400s, 800s, Woolwiches and a few others - and Dublin suburban tank engines. Everything else, of course, was unlined grey. But the GSR green was a "one night only" phenomenon, applied to the trio of 800s new, but not repated as they got CIE green at first repaint. Bit like the 121s and 071s being delivered in unique liveries, which disappeared once Inchicore got them in the same room as a paintbrush.

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