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9 minutes ago, Broithe said:

Many, many thanks for that Broithe, believe it or not but I’ve spent the past hour + on HORNBY’S web page trying to get the name of that item as I’m in the process of updating the number of attachments that go on it, to cater for a bigger loco, I could not remember the bloody name of it & I went onto HORNBY’S web site & tried every name I could think of, repair track, service track, maintenance track, loco track, etc. Etc.



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It's easily done - I recently had a job to stop two doors clashing - the handles were chipping the paint - one was a fire door, so the closer actually stopped that hitting the other door, when it was closed, but the other door was 'free' and kept knocking the paint off the fire door. All it needed was something like one of those sliding bar things you sometimes see on cupboard doors and folding bureau desks, but a bit more substantial.

Luckily for both of us, as it turned out, the elderly customer didn't have the internet on hand in her new flat, so I had to wait until I got home to search for a suitable item.

I decided to Google an image search, to find a strong-looking one, but I couldn't think of what the 'official' term might be.

My first guess was 'door restraint' - this was a mistake.

About a quarter of the images involve young ladies tied to doors, definitely without adequate PPE...

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