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This clock work Thomas gave me and my then young son more fun that all the scale stuff back then. We used to bet how many laps it could do before the spring ran out, each loop there was a slight hump and it would nearly stop, but if it got over that it would whirl off for another lap of the oval. The Thomas behind it is electric.


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45 minutes ago, DJ Dangerous said:

Is that a grey 2016+ 071 in the background???

Modern image???

I'll bet that you have a secret rake of yellow Spoils to run with it when nobody is watching!

Yes grey 071 is 7078. The only modern yellow stuff I have is a pair of superb IRM ballast ploughs. :) I bit modern for my era, but they looked so good I just had to collect  a pair last year. But sadly the weed spray support wagons and spoils were not on my menu. Anthony Smyth nearly turned me after seeing his incredible weathering of his spoil wagons. Transformative. I'm already at risk of rotting in the bogie of eternal stench for having some mk3 resprays. Don't worry never will a modern boring yo-yo toy 22k set wheels upon my rails. :) Was getting the train to cork last year, when I saw it was a 22k set on the platform instead of the proposed CAF Mk4s I walked away and waited an hour for the next cork train which was CAF Mk4s pulled by a proper engine with a smiley face, buffers and lights.

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