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Growing up in a home where the SLNC had quasi-cult status, I thought I had seen pretty much every printed piece about it. Until Galteemore Snr drew my attention to a Railway World album of 1990 which includes one of the most interesting accounts of an SLNC journey, by Robin Stieber. A day on the line when all did not go well. You can pick up a copy for buttons online so treat yourselves - it’s a fine little read !



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THanks, bought one off E Bay although the article seems familiar and I've probably got the book somewhere in the loft. Somewhere I also have an article about the auction sale at Enniskillen of the assets in Northern Ireland. It was in one of the old Railway World Magazines when that magazine was going through a bad patch finance wise (before Ian Allan bought it) and the issues were reduced to a 6" x 9" format.

Scanned this one yesterday 26 June 1937


SLNCR 1937-06-24 Enniskillen, wagons HCC14173.jpg

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I have finally tracked down a copy, it was a 6.5 page article in the Railway World June 1959 covering the Auction on 1 October 1958, 4 photographs and a detailed plan of the station annotated with the wagon numbers of ones stored on the various sidings. A very interesting (if sad) article on the disposal of the railways assets with a description of many of the Lots and the prices achieved.

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