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Murphy models 121 other chips

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54 minutes ago, richrua said:

Hi folks, apologies if this has been asked before, I searched up but couldn't find it. I know it's not recommended but do any other 21 pin recorders fit a mm 121 ? 

Any 21MTC spec 21 pin DCC complaint decoder should fit and work as regards motor control. Lights and sound may be another matter. Decoders from ESU (LokSound), Lenz, Zimo should fit and drive the locos, but CVs may need adjusting to map lights correctly. Personally I've fitted and successfully run LokSound V5, LokPilot V5 and Lenz silver+ decoders. Under EU consumer law using another manufactures decoder should not invalidate loco warranty as long as its a 21 pin DCC compliant decoder and no modifications are made to the loco or its PCB to facilitate the fitting of a decoder. That's the whole point of a 21MTC standard, interoperability of DCC components between manufacturers products. Personally I've found the MM 121s run very will with Lenz Silver+ 21pin decoders (ie for non sound locos) and I've consisted pairs of them using Lenz decoders as well as ESU LokSound/LokPilot decoders.

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