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Bowman Live Steam LMS #300 Model Repair

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A recent project on the bench was this 0-4-0 LMS Bowman #300 live steam tank loco of circa 1930-50s? For more info on the Bowman range of models and a bit of history see here;- http://www.tcawestern.org/bowman.htm

Anyway this loco had thrown it's steam pipe and needs a bit of attention.







After a bit of research I found that the pipe supplied with the model was for another type, also at first we believed the boiler was silver soldered! Again after research and inspection it was found to be soft/lead soldered which made the job a bit easier.

The boiler was removed and cleaned up around the broken pipe connection and a plan of action was drawn up- to shorten the steam pipe and house it into the brass ferrule on the boiler to give the new solder join a bit of structural support- as looking on youtube this join seems to be problem with the model.


Also the olive on the steam pipe needed to be re-soldered as it was not pushed home on the pipe- I think with someone's attempt to solder at the other end of the pipe they overheated the whole thing and the olive slipped!


With the olive soldered on and the pipe shortened it's now ready to solder into the boiler, to save the paint and to ensure the boiler end doesn't de-solder the whole thing is wrapped in cold wet cloths. The pipe is recessed into the fitting by 2mm.



And done, the cloths did their job.


Then bolted the boiler back on and gave it a test run on air at 20psi.


A bit more motion in this photo.


Ready to go back to its crew for the smokebox saddle to be installed and a bit of paint.





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