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Spoiling you all. 1900hrs Thursday 18 March

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Folks, I can't recommend this talk too much. The detailed story of Steam's Last Triumph.

Joe was there when all this happened, knew the loco crews and can give you a taste of what a remarkable operation this was. He has given the talk before, but it will now be enhanced by colour slides taken by my late friend, Lance King, who took over a hundred brilliant slides in wonderful weather (honest).

For you Game of Thrones fans, this was Steam's contribution to the building of the future Castle Black (Magheramorne Quarry).

That's enough overselling - see you on Thursday!

Leslie (for IRRS London)




(ONLINE via Zoom) 19.00 Thursday 18 March 2021

"UTA/NIR Spoil Trains of 1966-70" by Joe Cassells


The UTA/NIR Spoil Trains were the last great challenge for Irish steam. Over 3½ years, WT Class 2-6-4T locos operated 7600 trains carrying over 4m tons of spoil from Magheramorne to Greencastle. Lifetime recorder of the railway scene, Joe Cassells, keenly observed the operation but now using previously unavailable information, he has produced the definitive description of it - its conception, its planning, and day-to-day activity. There is a special focus on the locomotives and enginemen but through word and photos, Joe gives us a full insight to this impressively successful project.


If you saw Joe’s similar presentation to the RPSI in February, it could be well worth watching again. This talk will be an enhanced version of the February presentation.

It will include many more colour images (taken by Lance King). It will include additional information about the procurement of the wagons, industrial relations issues relating to the selection and rostering of loco crews and some alternative (somewhat “off the wall”) ideas put forward by the government in the early planning stages. And as ever, watching any talk a second time always reveals detail that you had already forgotten or not paid proper attention to first time round!






Please note that all images in this presentation are subject to copyright

and you are requested not to copy or record any part of it.

Doing so could lead to an infringement of Copyright Law.

The Society has, in the past, taken action to protect copyright.






To access the meeting, click on this link :




or open the Zoom app on your device and enter :


Meeting ID: 847 3285 5513
Passcode: 044302


Alternatively, you can join the meeting by telephone (audio only, no images) by dialling in on one of the following numbers and keying in the Meeting ID and Passcode when requested :




+44 203 051 2874
 +44 203 481 5237
 +44 203 481 5240
 +44 203 901 7895
 +44 131 460 1196


Republic of Ireland


+353 6 163 9031 
+353 1 240 8941 
+353 1 536 9320 
+353 1 653 3895 
+353 1 653 3897 
+353 1 653 3898 


In any other country, you can find a local dial-in number from :


Please note that if you dial-in, you will incur a normal call charge for the duration of the call.


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