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Container liners

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@murphaph suggested this to me a few months back, when discussing the Spoils. The Spoils are designed with the lugs as part of the load, rather than a small part glued to the deck, so when you remove the loads, you're left with a smooth deck. I think that there was one corner on each where the load was glued, so I have one yellow corner on each flat where the lug snapped inside the deck.


Four tiny little balls of ProTastic Black Tack work perfectly, as you can see in the photos. I've actually used too much, as the flats can be picked up by the load and shook with no movement at all, so smaller balls (giggity) would have done the job.

I ordered directly from ProTastic as it was out of stock on Amazon.de at the time.



2021-03-28 14.27.10.jpg

2021-03-28 14.27.10-1.jpg

2021-03-28 14.25.56.jpg

2021-03-28 14.25.30.jpg

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