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  1. Georgeconna

    Emerald Isle Explorer 2018

    yey, Orange 071 just pass the window and now a smoking 201 and cravens has just passed by - As it started to Drizzle
  2. Hi lads, Saw this coming into town yesterday at lunchtime, I believe it is heading to Cobh in 30 mins or so, Does anyone have a time for when it departing from Cobh today. Hoping to sneak to the back of the office building to get a shot as she comes into Fota. Edit Got a reply on the book of faces EX Cobh: 10.15am Cravens and 10.20 light engine 201 Class back to Cork
  3. Georgeconna

    Cemflo, by Accurascale

    Oh no!! >> 30 + Wagon cement trains from Cliffe, near Gravesend in Kent<< SR 1961 These look so sweet! 7 packs though, Hopefully my First Accurascale models UK outline but my 33 is tasked on a 4-TC set! Deilmma. ,
  4. How long before IR H&S say the Bridge will be too Dangerous to use for Pedestrians and will close the thing to Greenway anyway. As above Derailed Said, useless timetable leaving at pointless times, No Sunday service so who is gonna use this to travel to Wexford over the weekend. Stoke of a Pen to Close but Millions to restore should it need to be re installed at some stage. I remember the ol Fella telling me that they would see the Train Pulling Away from the Harbour Railway station as the boat was minutes from Rosslare. That was years back. Building a new Station away from the Ferry Terminal does not help matters either. Crazy Decision.
  5. Lengthy!! Try ICK92 Review on utube of the Rails Dynamometer Coach. 19 Minutes before the coach even gets out of the box.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNm_8BgDn1I
  6. Georgeconna

    Bargain Watch

    There's light years between the Chinese and UK stuff that was built years ago. Times have moved on no matter where it built standards would have improved. But I do have stuff that still runs and runs well from the 70'80s that has no tiny bits to break off them!!. Even if it is a few laps and then a quick pick up to smell the slight burning odour off the motor. Loverly
  7. Georgeconna

    Weedspraying Train - South wexford Line

    No Railtour on the Horizon to wake the end of the line at all? "Well its a reflection of economic progress, thankfully we are no longer a poor country and most of our citizens can afford to travel by their own means on roads and motorways" For how long??, Nearly 70 notes to tank up the focus this weather. Mind you probably wont be able to afford a ticket on Irish Rail either. Looks Like I have to Oil the bike chain...:/
  8. Georgeconna

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Sad news indeed. Had the pleasure of working with Jim for 3 years or so. Always of Help and to any any questions that I could not, Handy for Fixing the Wierdest of Locos from bygone days. But by god be short a few bob in the till and you had to explain!! RIP Jim.
  9. Georgeconna

    D OToole

    I'd hate to be called that
  10. Georgeconna

    OO Works J15

    I'm not surprised about the order quantity, €350 is a large spend on a non DCC ready, Non Sound Equipped Loco. There so much Irish RTR this year coming out people are spending their cash on the Wagons etc. I ordered one loco myself as it does look pretty nice.
  11. Georgeconna


    Ah I do love a puzzle to do on the platform I noticed a shed in Thurles has had similar Metal work applied.
  12. Georgeconna

    Jim Potts Bus Kits

    Had a reply from this address in Feb this year jimpoots@googlemail.com Cheers George
  13. Georgeconna

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    I believe the MPV was out n about on Cork last week, Did not hear or see it from the office despite keeping a lookout for it.
  14. Hi lads, This is one is on this weekend, Modelling demos etc. Not just Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, Cars, ships etc. Tis worth a trip over IMHO.
  15. Georgeconna

    Little models for little money

    Cracking Box Art. Very Atmospheric.

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