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  1. Price in Euros? Do the Pullmans have lights in them?
  2. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Nice one lads, got mine yesterday, Luckily though, It was left outside the door all day by the DPD Driver. I will be getting in touch with that crowd this am to voice my displeasure. On the Funny Side my Girls got a good laugh of how my name was spelt on the label!! cheers George
  3. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Maybe get Marks to send more than one pack to the Cork shop,I believe they were snapped up pretty fast down here!
  4. Galgorm Hall

    nice stuff there, Love the brick work. This might be a dumb question but for the slopes at each the ends of the Roof is there a Formula on how the exact sized Triangle is cut to shape or is it trial and error?
  5. Georges Workbench

    Thats the Portacabin Rich. My Second home, shut the door, wee bit of heating on, Click spotify and I could be there till 1am!! Got a 12x2 Portable layout on the go to finish some time before I peg it!! Need to do the fiddle yard at some stage. Nice day to do it today but the nices 1 year old party was on. ah well.
  6. Georges Workbench

    Spot on the Floors pop off of the Containers, Found that out when I dropped one!! they run Grand now on the new wheels. Never a Fan of the ones in the kits.
  7. Georges Workbench

    The Mojo is still fine and I am ploughing through some 20ft Flats I have had for 6 years I'd say in the Stash. There was a Mix of 4 Resins and 2 sturdy white Metal Jobbies. 2 Came with plastic containers and the Remainder had Beer kegs on them. These are from MIR and the Resin ones are a bit poor as the frames are like Bananas but can be straightened out. I have one more to complete with just the brake rodding, gear and pipes to stick on. A test run of them signal a big problem with the Wheel Set provided. They just would not stay on the track m Maybe a combination of such a light wagon and Scale wheels, the Code 75 did not like them of visa versa. I ended up putting some Hornby Wagon wheel Sets in and hey presto they not negotiate the point work. I did get a great kick of seeing these rumble along the 10ft bit of track I have live after the graft to finish em. The plain containers needed to be built and painted and these will be CIE Orange. bit more to do on the KC's the Bus Eireann Orange is on and will be masked shortly and then the green will go on. Also finished the Decals on the Van Hool and sealed with a coat of Gloss. A Satin coat will now be put on that model. Al clad Satin as the Humbrol stuff is gone to pot.
  8. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    All the Talk about 20 odd+ wagons, I was lucky enough to See this little consist back in '07 at the Junction. Loads of power for the 4 wagons!! 1.3 packs and your sorted
  9. enniscorthymans workbench

    Glutton for Punishment Eamonn. Thing is do you hang on forever and hope IRM do a Ready to Run jobbie or jump in and buy a langar load of these yokes to have a play with!! I'll go with Playing!! Look forward to seeing them on your layout.
  10. murrayec's Projects

    Ah yes I remember using them as my Dad had them in his tool Inventory, Probably tried cutting wood with them!!!
  11. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    Cheers Rich. I'd have to tackle frames and wheel set up again for me Bandon tank and finally get that running so these picture are definately a kick in the Arse. I might get a Quartering jig though to help me with that. This stuff is the good few steps above Meccano but I was only mucking about with that last week and forgot how therapeutic it was!. Just heard one of my friends is after winning a gold Medal in IPMS Scale Model World in Telford for a Model Car today, thing is he only started modelling a few months back and produces some excellent stuff. I seem to be threading Water!!
  12. murrayec's Projects

    flipping heck by hand!! Nice one, Must look into getting one of those Saws then. Tks
  13. GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

    This modelling Makes plastic a resin kits look like girls stuff. Love these threads.
  14. murrayec's Projects

    Eoin, What do you use to Cut the cab frames out with? . Some nice work there m8. Just reading through the whole thing thread now and enjoying it.
  15. Glenderg's Projects

    Now that is pretty special. Doing a whole rake will take so doing!!

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