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  1. Thought for the Day

    I concur , the new Graham Farish stuff is unreal, I have a class 37 and wow does that crawl, Dapol class 73, Hymek, Q1, Terrier and Ivatt Tank, All Beauty's.
  2. Thought for the Day

    LOL, just started my one!. Just bought me a Southern Railway O Gauge Terrier with Zimo Unlimited Software MX644 decoder for £165 a few minutes ago. Sweet! now for a few kits to make. Now if Hattons make a Battle of Britain Loco for £750 I'm sorted!!
  3. Thought for the Day

    Heres a couple more, Great scale to model, Miss this little Layout, It was turned into a Window exhibition cover with snow and now is in good hands and being renovated I believe. Heres a few more:
  4. Thought for the Day

    Been there done that M8 Still have my N gauge Stuff as the quality was Excellent. It was the sound that drew me into OO plus he availability of a lot my different locos.
  5. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Yes the OO0 stuff is awesome, Waiting for Heljan to re boot the L&B locos now.
  6. It is certainly a nice loco, I was very tempted to get one when they arrived into Marks Models but it operated way too north for me unfortunately.
  7. Thought for the Day

    N would be class given the length of Irish Rail Trains these recently. no brainer. Not many have space for a full rake of Mk.3 and a 201 @Noel, Dreams can come true Noel, Dapol has brought the costs down on the locos considerably. The Rolling stock prices give me the shudders though.
  8. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Quick replacement of the receiver and Servo and your off, I would expect they had a spare or 2 ready. Probably planned to have a dunk in the drink to draw in the viewers. I Never believe anything you see on TV these days. all construed.
  9. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Episode on 4OD website now if you missed it, Watch 30 mins of it last night before the cold I have forced me to bed. Looked ok.
  10. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    "level of scale finesse may not be good enough" >> Really Noe?l, I doubt this is hardly the case. Have you taken a look at some of their latest Offerings?. I can only vouch for what I have bought which is mostly SR related and I can say I am astounded when you view the details on some of these models now from Hornby. The Original condition MN are a Fantastic model. The S15 is sublime, Fast Becoming a Favourite of mine with excellent running from taking it out of the box and onto the track, the Cab interior detail is excellent to look at. The H Class is a beauty, similarly their class 71 is a nice model too. The SR Maunsell Coaches, Gresley's, Pullmans are Fab runners (no wobbly coaches or fuzzy demarcation between colours) and excellent fine Details. While there undeniably are some dogs from earlier years I do think they have finesse with there current High level offerings which match the 071, 201s easily. Maybe take another look when you next passing a model shop
  11. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Well no Little SECR Tank engines this time but a nice Blue MN, an up to date Lord Nelson (my old ones are split Chassis and DCC and run quite well so what to do with them!!) Some nice SR coaches from Baccy and Hornby so the only compliant I have is that it will be an expensive year if I chose to part with my cash. Having said that I think I really have enough Loco in my Stable at present not to warrant adding even more.
  12. NIR/RPSI Steam Day 1989

    Fab quality for 1989 GNRI, Just shows a good picture stand up well. What were you shooting on Medium Format?
  13. Working semaphore signals?

    Yeah Dave Megapoints Contoller with Bounce , Operated by Servos. you could motorise the SSM signals easily enough with that system
  14. Patricks Layout

    Great look layout, Nice and Simple and not too much Clutter. Nice work on the Dapol station too.
  15. Beautiful set up John.

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