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  1. Georgeconna


    Ah I do love a puzzle to do on the platform I noticed a shed in Thurles has had similar Metal work applied.
  2. Georgeconna

    Jim Potts Bus Kits

    Had a reply from this address in Feb this year jimpoots@googlemail.com Cheers George
  3. Georgeconna

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    I believe the MPV was out n about on Cork last week, Did not hear or see it from the office despite keeping a lookout for it.
  4. Hi lads, This is one is on this weekend, Modelling demos etc. Not just Soldiers, Tanks, Aircraft, Cars, ships etc. Tis worth a trip over IMHO.
  5. Georgeconna

    Little models for little money

    Cracking Box Art. Very Atmospheric.
  6. Georgeconna

    OO Layout - To be Named

    Nice once Paul on the Transfers tip. Must check them out. Could not follow the Fox Transfers site at all , Very confusing but good decals. Might try some Cambrian kits next especially the Trouts and 'Borail' wagons which would look cool with a load of rails on them http://cambrianmodels.co.uk/srwagons.html
  7. Georgeconna

    OO Layout - To be Named

    Hi Noel, Thanks for the comment, The A-10 is foam, Has two 550mm fans in it, Bit underpowered tbh, Has retractable U/C which is poorly designed so I usually belly land it. Great sound and I installed Nav Lights so looks even cooler at dusk.
  8. Georgeconna

    OO Layout - To be Named

    One of the things I liked about Irish Railways is most things had to be kit built, It gave a bit of satisfaction to see my Models flying around me bit of Test Track every now and then. Kinda Made and not paid. Nowadays the rise in prices of RTR Stuff especially uk stuff has made me look at the UK Kit scene and I started off by treating myself to a Parkside Dundas CCT Van. Now if you ever assembled an airfix kit you can build one of these. Plasticbody and chassis, Metal Buffers and wheels. I Added the Torpedo vents from Lanarkshire models as the kit did not come with them which was a Pain and it also did not come with Transfers so these were ordered from Modelmaster so with all the extras vents and decal I will but a few more of these down the line for a parcel train. The pipes at the rear are from a 141 pipe set and the 3 link coupling from smiths, I took it off of the metal hook a glued it in place. The white lines are from Evergreen Strip glued inside the flush glazing. The few piccy are where it is at presently. Test running was impressive after a change to Hornby wheelset as the Scale wheels sat into the point frogs. Overall Well chuffed with this.
  9. Georgeconna

    Georges Workbench

    Hi all, With the Winter weather finally over it is back out to the shed, the cost of heating the thing has been slightly prohibitive and it aint good for Painting so evenings in alongside the fire were the order of the day. anyhow some work in progress has restarted and the 1st one is a D class in CIE marking in the Black Livery. Transfers were from Silverfox as I had bought these yonks back. the Black and white stripes are from Studio Scale Models. Some extra boxes were made from plasticard and the ladders and other bits not needed were taken off. I have some Vent panels that I stuck on over the Sanded off Original Louvers. It is basically a Bachmann 08 in disguise! I had painted it and then wisely decided to relook at some of the few piccys of the loco and noticed a brake wheel housing at the cab end so I had to add that in and then respray it again. The Small things matter!! Heres a few pics for review. I still need to make new steps for the Chassis as the were solid affairs like a steam loco and not ladder so thats the next job. ps the transfers are still drying in these shots so have not settled down completely
  10. Georgeconna

    North Down Model Show

    Enjoy lads, Had planned to go on Sunday as it looks a good line up but the Missus is working to pay the man so caught minding sprogs. Hope the Turf Burner CAD will be on show from IRM. fingers crossed the kids Enjoy RC Model boating Sunday am LOL.
  11. Georgeconna

    Popeye's Workbench

    That's a bit special Mr Sailor Man, Nice Subtle Weathering on the Container too. not too much. Spot on.
  12. Georgeconna

    Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Maybe No logo-ed yokes, Just print necessary info, Different wagon nos' and leave the lad stick some muck however they like on em. B For a Small Railway System Irish Railways is so Complicated!
  13. Georgeconna

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Damn, Was hoping to give the Visa a rest this month. better order 1 pair I spose. Like a drug habit this Railway modelling is...
  14. Georgeconna

    Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Agree, New Wagon Serials etc. Would be mad not to, however in a good few many months time.
  15. Georgeconna

    Atlantic and Pacific Hotels Youghal

    That Hotel was a lovely building too replaced by well nothing worth a second glance. Sorry I cant be of help but a side pic here: http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000592055 You might be able to Draw and paint one from it?

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