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  1. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Dam Plan foiled....:)
  2. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Nice one, I can stick mine on Ebay so with a massive price hike!!
  3. Silver Fox A class x 2 €150 Each DCC on board.

    Both Sold Pending payment
  4. Models demand

    I'd say you might be a little bit late to the Party given whats being produced at the moment Eugen.
  5. Hi Richie, Just seen the Message and PM'd you there now. I can turn it into a K1 and just have it broken down into parts for you to reassemble when you get it, Just like the real deal! Cheers
  6. No Stevie, Shes gone back into Storage. Cash seems to be thin on the ground these days, Even 201's for €115 euro dont sell!! I'll probably try Ebay for these when I get the time. Cheers George
  7. MIR 47ft Container Flat for Sale

    This is off to a new home m8s. tks much. sold.
  8. MIR 4 Wheel Wagons for Sale, 2 White Metal / 3 Resin

    Neither : remote control - Some Glitches in receiving but they work sometimes
  9. Hi Folks, I have an Irish Rail 47ft flat Wagon for sale. This is from the MIR Range and is made from Resin. It has Tension lock couplings so is compatible with Murphy Models Locos and Stock. It it Alan Gibson wheels. Nice Runner. Price Without Container : €25.00 plus €8 Postage Price with Container: €35 plus €8 Postage Postage cost for Ireland Only. Can weather for €5.00 Can meet at Wexford Model Railway show to save on postage if that suits.
  10. I have for sale a couple of MIR White Metal and Resin 4 Wheel Flat Wagons. These were used for Kegs and Containers usually around the network. The 2 x white metal wagons have the beer Loads, The Resin ones will have container loads and one single Beer Basket. Fitted with Tension locks coupling and Hornby 3 hole Wagon Wheels for excellent running Qualities. All individually numbered Looking for €25 per single wagon without load. With Bell / Orange Container Add €10.00 (3 Only) Wagon with 3 Keg Baskets, 2 with loads (drunk the other load sorry!) Add €15.00 (1 only) With 1 Keg basked add €5.00 (2 only) Postage per wagon is €5.00 Job Lot price €165.00 plus postage Can meet at Wexford show if you want to save postage? Also can weather for €15.00 for all 5 wagons and throw in 3 kids for free
  11. Flipping heck that is crazy, the speed of some of those lads....
  12. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Loads of shots here for weathering info http://davejonesphotography.zenfolio.com/p344817123
  13. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Don't tell the Missus, I have to take up Looting Lidls or Marks and Spencers....LOL.
  14. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Well done lads, Nice to see the wagons and other bits coming it but personally I do think it is a bit aggressive to release so many models in one year., I think 7 was mentioned. There is only so much cash people can spend on model trains these days. No sure what other people think? So in a nutshell , Q1:, packs of Taras, Q2: Packs Of Ferts. Q3: Ploughs, Spoil Wagons , Weedspray, 42 fts and containers. Q4@ Liner packs. With Summer hols Q3 is going be a tough Qtr for some lads. Defo a plough pack for me. Sorry Des The Exclusive Plough remark, I imagine it does not preclude producing this in CIE // IR liveries at a late stage. Looking forward to seeing these on ye're layouts in the future.
  15. Barrier Wagon Kit for Sale

    Hi Sean, Its yours, I'll PM you there.

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