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    I live in Dublin and work in the public sector. I have a special interest in the MGWR from Dublin to Mullingar but especially around Maynooth, Enfield, Killucan and Mullingar itself. Check out my videos on YouTube under fishplate7!


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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Great to see and read the full page review of the 'cement bubbles in the February 2018 edition of the British Railway Modelling magazine, but above all, to read the reviewer's comments that this is, perhaps, one of the very best RTR models ever released (not the exact quote - someone will have it)!! Very high praise indeed and richly deserved!
  2. Here's a very interesting website - Britain From Above! There are plenty of photos from the 1930's to the 1950's, and there are plenty of photos of Ireland! You have to register, which is free, but after that, there is an amazing wealth of information to be found. Here are just two examples: - O'Connell Street, Dublin in 1933, and Tralee, County Kerry in 1934. The images are zoomable once you register and you can zoom in closer than what I have posted. The detail is amazing! This looks like a fantastic resource for us modellers! The website is www.britainfromabove.org.uk Eamonn
  3. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Super job guys! Really well done and good luck with the show. See ye all tomorrow. PS - no pressure from me for my order - happy to wait!
  4. For those of you who may have missed it earlier this evening (and I include myself in this!) tune in to BBC FOUR (tv) at 2.30am tomorrow morning Monday for a programme titled 'The Joy Of (Train) Sets - the model railway story from Hornby to Triang and beyond!
  5. This link has been up before but you never get tired of watching it! For those interested in the art of mechanical snatching this is the best bit of video I have seen on it to date. Follow the link below and start at 2.24. It features a youthful Patsy Bolger, signalman in Enfield handing up the staff/pouch to the driver/snatcherman of a down 121 class. The next sequence, which shows mechanical snatching in operation is shot in Maynooth. Imagine what Health and Safety would say about all this today!! There's a lot more interesting stuff on this video too! Hope you enjoy it! http://www.euscreen.eu/play.jsp?id=EUS_524B0F1DFF9D4311A5271797E7849D5E
  6. The View from The Shard, London

    Here's an interesting and interactive view of London from its latest and tallest building, The Shard. This gives the viewer a 360 degree panorama over the skyline, with zoom ins, sound bites, and useful facts. There's plenty for us railway enthusiasts amongst the views! http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/interactive/2013/feb/01/view-from-top-shard-london-interactive

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