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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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  1. Robert Shrives

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Exactly what I did. These coaches make a good "canvas" for starters , sure they will sell well as a result and cover a wider historical range.
  2. Robert Shrives

    UTA and NIR colour schemes

    Try this side of the water ! With retro liveries with a modern take and coaches in own railway liveries and mainline locos in fictitious colours . The most striking fun were the Fairburn tanks on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway in CR blue. When Bachmann did a limited edition it to their surprise and relief flew off the shelves. Another view is that paint is there to stop rot and rust - function over form. On the Ffestiniog and Welsh highland loco repaints have been sponsored and done for fun- Purple Moose beer tanker as an example. But what we found was that despite having historic items and information many of the public were just travelling for enjoyment whilst on Holiday, not for enlightenment and education on history and development. As long as ride was good and it had a "steam train" on the front all were happy. Just proving you can take a horse to water .... If the DCDR can keep head above water while being custodian of historical artifacts as long as the history is told correctly having stock in good order then perhaps livery details can slide or be an improvement on plain black or green. I too had noticed the 80 class but to have it at all is a great bonus and when repainted say in 10 years time it can be tweaked or perhaps changed to celebrate another part of its long life. Each to their own ?
  3. Robert Shrives

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Well they look really nice and I would buy if I had some money spare .I am sure they will fly off the shelves and quite a few will get white lines added ! On reflection if I do not eat for a couple of weeks I could afford a couple... Hopefully a bit of glue and elastic bands will pull roof down - not a "deal breaker" compared to getting the black band sprayed well and parallel which afflicted a few of the earlier batch. As noted just need the 121 to land - must be soon as I have started gluing bits on my kit. As oft banged on about the A class would be fine as well !!!!
  4. Robert Shrives

    Patricks Layout

    Patrick, Good for you for stepping up. It was a matter of minutes ago I looked at the thread and was wondering on any news and you posted - thanks ! Good to read work slowly progresses - no point in rushing these things. Have a good time and hopefully not too many sleepless nights !! Robert
  5. Robert Shrives

    UTA and NIR colour schemes

    Hi In the tomb "BR MK2 coaches " by Micheal Harris , on page 98 if refers to the maroon as Morocco maroon and the blue as Caribbean blue, with a white waistband. Yes the class 80 looks super- I wonder if the RAL or similar could be obtained from the staff at York Road paint shops. Robert
  6. Robert Shrives

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    "A" good move for extra sales hope it works out .... It would be good to know from the experts on here how much crossover time for having both CIE and IR liveries possible in the same working. Robert
  7. Robert Shrives

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Hi Just back from a few days in Wales and in answer to Leslie`s comment. I can happily confirm the kits are really easy to build and make up is well thought out - but after 40 years messing in the hobby I can say that. If you want to start with kits good old airfix are hard to beat (see what I did there!) but many others are available and no need to start with railway subjects. Also the downloadable Scale scenes card kits (others available) are a good area to learn cutting and gluing skills. Time will be an issue but 10 minutes here and there are not too had to find - and time spent thinking about how to are not wasted if you get on with it - modelers are often afflicted with a level of procrastination that make governments look good ! The beet kits have a resin skin or flash on the bracing and brake gear but this helps keep all bits together and can with a sharp scalpel be cleanly removed. The basic chassis and body glue together - two items and basic wagon is done. Adding brake gear, buffers, bracing parts and couplings work of 20 minutes after a 20 minute cleaning up session. a super glue - thick/ gel type worked for me. Using a good photograph aided fitting the internals as no ledges to help position - but if you run loaded not needed as buried in beet! Painting was with a can of Halfords grey primer - inside and out followed by a bauxite primer , matt varnish to seal and then a gloss as a base in areas where the transfers go. Wheel middles I hand painted in rust. track dirt and inserted and fitted kaydee couplings - see thread on here about that , I did a rake of 5 spread over a month or so. It is a relaxation hobby ( so we are told) so no need to rush - except in the 48 hours before an exhibition...... you know who you are !
  8. Robert Shrives

    Limerick Junction changes

    As fuel prices hike and home gown food returns as the base of staple diets we will rue the day of these changes - but I guess its progress.
  9. Robert Shrives

    Limerick Junction changes

    Quite amazed at the cheek of requiring to pay 20 euro to exercise a democratic act of protest against a state run organisation you fund as taxpayers. Heads have physically rolled for less in other nations . No doubt it helps folks but really does traffic levels and inconvenience caused justify it , an already step free station exists and this goes away from it by more than a country mile. Savings ? Somebody will surely have to cost build and maintenance costs of the building and lifts/ bridges over pointwork and track maintenance costs. I recall the suggested savings on a loop on a preserved railway and when I asked about the gold bearing lub oil prices quoted the who argument fell over with a loud crash ! As no labour savings were anticipated in the project and another loop to built further along the line the only savings would be on lubricants ... I wonder if much the same wool is being knitted here. Those of you in the Isle may see things differently and I hope not to have caused offence with this post from a very casual observer from Birmingham - where many things are not much better !!
  10. Robert Shrives

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Hopefully the history of the vehicle will allow some Accurascale crossover with Mk 1 bullion van or catering item like an RKB to "cross subsidise" the project. the MK5 bogie and basic underframe and vehicle ends might crossover. Certainly for me non availability will not be an issue having now got a fox and brass sides EGV to hand one could go yellow easily enough. Keep up the good work - specially in the bar ....
  11. Robert Shrives

    Hattons deliveries (issue resolved)

    Hi , I have to say having dealt with Hattons for 30 years then no real problem - having taught them that all deliveries by Royal mail- as I can get to sorting office easily other carriers have been much more awkward. Website even as updated does what it says on the tin and I use XP. Phone staff and emails have been good with out fail. clearly other mail order houses are available with Rails of Sheffield. Cheltenham trains, Gaugemaster, Peters Spares to name just 4 I have used without problem. I have used the Hattons second hand service no problem and the returns system has worked well when items returned when wrong item came - only once it has to be said. I would ring and discuss. I would expect and offer to swap for another wagon will work out better. My last trade in netted funds for two 201 locos! Robert
  12. Robert Shrives

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Er -- Tanks for that image !? Looking good - flex pipe- alloy casting perhaps this would allow a little flex when constructed and add a little individuality to each build as I am certain the hoses lay changes with movement. The inter vehicle hoses self colour nylon with magents moulded in ends for attaching to each other? Yes for the MK 1 but can you make the sprayer work - diliute pva ?? DCC of course - joking !! Hope your modelling mojo does not melt in the heat plenty of suitable fluids available I imagine down the local for "an afterwork." Thanks Robert
  13. Robert Shrives

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    I would say its a dead "beet" the good gents will as I am in the throws of finishing my kits !! Thinks " now if I start my A class kit ?" Robert
  14. Robert Shrives

    Patricks Layout

    The signal cabin does look good and very nicely coloured. I might have one stashed away as well, now I know what for ! I guess we are lucky that signal suppliers often supplied the building - or at least a drawing and or railways had "house style" for long periods of time. Now you will need to add the rodding and boards !! In Uk we have several options from kit and etch suppliers but I guess you will "knock up " something great using local parts and you magic ! Thanks for the update, it is honestly a source of inspiration . Robert
  15. Robert Shrives

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Well just started numbering mine and all bar the white running number not on the read ground have found homes but this "fellow" defeats ! I have looked at two DVDs 4 books and a quick canter on the interwebthingy and cannot find a good set of clear top down photos - I have the feeling the number was so the elevated operators at Wellingtonbridge could indulge in wagon spotting, just cannot prove it. Hardly OCD head exploding but if anybody can help ...? thanks Robert

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