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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Birmingham UK


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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    Controller for Train operating company - Intercity sector
  1. barrow street

    To add to the comments a great piece of art and hopefully you are proud of it - I know I would be ! Certainly catches the urban feel to a "T" and I am sure the boys at IRM like the ballast and bubbles ... Certainly watch in awe and with interest. Thanks Robert
  2. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Hi Good to know thanks. As you explore the wagon history of CIE it proves to be very interesting and makes modelling just that bit more fun, so thanks for all the information. Who knew there was so much in timber carriers ! Robert
  3. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Hi , I neat job and mirrors real life ! Is it a metal underframe - it would a good mass to the wagon given the 3D print weighs very little. In real life was the donor chassis from the same family of wagons that gave wheels to the double beets ? Robert
  4. Nostalgia lane

    Well so bloody true - I did just like you and the book was a bedtime read this week as well. The world famous (!) ffestiniog railway up to just a few years ago had the same connections on a couple of the older coaches. two did not have a rain cap so as a guard you could stand up and observe the train ! Fun times , the young have no idea the fun we stopped them having Robert
  5. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    John , Thanks for information very interesting. The reverse of my simple thoughts - but it does still mean that if the shapeways body only print for the 4 wheel is used then it can be grafted on to a 62`6" chassis and more cradles created. I guess an easy way to make the chassis is to cut and shunt the longer chassis from Nile and add a straps box. Unless Nile beats us all too it and makes a wonderful wagon ! Robert
  6. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    I have added varnish and nail varnish to LEDs to mute output on N gauge models - where overscale lighting is a real problem. Certainly on Dapol signals you can yellow down the LED to an oil lamp colour and brightness. I can see many pairs being sold before plastic moulded and then subject to a great dirtying up fest, certainly mine will get an oily and rust washing - some great pics on the web so thanks to all concerned. Robert
  7. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Looking good track plan redolent of Ballina with the no 5 and 8 crossover arrangements Robert
  8. Patricks Layout

    Getting there and looking good, I can see loop got longer by a few inches. Will you ballast as new works or weather it in ? Robert
  9. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Good to see will splash the cash tonight. A class model again from the boys ! Robert
  10. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    Not bad 6 minutes and all gone !
  11. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Would it a good bet that the best ends of the 4 wheel flats were grafted on to the 62 foot chassis - and were these waggons around before and the timber waggons are a recycling project at its best -? The 4 wheel version is available on shapeways thanks to a clever person for that- name escapes. I was wondering if they could be grafted on to ?? I did wonder about a BR Mk1coach chassis as I have a few in a box.. https://www.shapeways.com/product/MAE7YYF3J/cie-2-axle-timber-wagon-oo-scale- as already noted If folk wanted a ready to plonk timber load these are avail able as a cast plaster item for the BR OTA http://tencommandmentsmodels.co.uk/product/logs-load-ota-wagon-twin-pack/ , £7 a pop. Robert
  12. LIMA Murphy Models

    Hi Got to be said the MK1s - ScR planned two 6 car rakes and a spare brake and two SOs. They were intended for boat trains Glasgow- Stranraer . Certainly added to the route capacity. Nice paint job is all about the best that can be said but did not last sprinterisation long The pic looks to have most of the stock in one go! IIRC on withdrawl most cut up but some did get preserved- will have look that up now brains been tickled! I too have the RM with the layout, I was impressed at age 18
  13. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    A shame bound to miss this as at work and use of social media banned as its a railway control centre. Robert
  14. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Well that will keep you busy in a few months time - just enough to sort out the A class ! - sorry flats and plough brake.. Have fun Robert
  15. 7mm scale 071 kit

    Hi I guess so but that does mean its a pattern for a future set . Speaking to lads at work we are not sure where Dave Andrews is at the moment but if I can get to him I will suggest that interest generated and see if he has had a change of heart or perhaps would let me have details of his suppliers - it was long ago and the chance of masters being intact might be slim so this might still be a dead end ! Robert

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