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    UK rail employee working in Darkest Birmingham , on the steel rails since 1982- does not make me necessarily any good but just doing it for a long time...


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    Birmingham UK


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    Ffestiniog Railway and modelling across many scales and gauges, walks and food survival grade only


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    Controller for Train operating company - Intercity sector

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  1. Ernie, Thanks for finding time to do this huge task - hopefully a break from modelling ! Just enjoyed a couple of vids from Limerick junction. I guess you have just finished looking at Tara wagons! Robert
  2. Robert Shrives


    Best bet is a result of derailment damage to original but sure experts on here will find out the real story.
  3. Robert Shrives

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Thanks , have to start saving ! .... Chinese new year always gets a bad press but really no different to the slow down in December and slow start in January here in the UK. Hope all the good staff return to your chosen plants. Please keep up the good work and enjoy the froth paddling.
  4. Robert Shrives

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Lovely paperwork, makes you think though, some poor soul banging away on a typewriter and then pen and ruler to box and then stand over a steaming zerox copier - height of tech in 1980 perhaps. Makes it all the more historically valuable I guess. Now it would be lots of copy and paste or spread sheet excell sort of electron bruising and a print now button. My Triang TT collection is also a bit box driven but many duplicates to play with on the layout. My N collection was based on having one of each of Dapols modern image stuff - non steam anyway but even that has fallen by the wayside as prices crank upwards and now its an example or two of new production. Mainly because some guys have been busy bringing out super Irish 4mm models and I still hanker after a 4mm Highland shed layout based on Kyle shed, oh and some G1 dabbling - like building parcel vans... size matters and a bit easier on aging eyes ! But I still enjoy running/ playing trains at least mine run on time unlike the day job!
  5. No ! Stop it now the UK froth machines could not cope with between the lines messages but I would expect some fun if it was planned
  6. Robert Shrives

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Well with all the UK 92/ MK5 frothing I guess the offices at IRM Towers are pretty flooded but just wondered if the good gang had any updates to share from the lifeboats... Cheers Robert
  7. Robert Shrives

    Tara Junction.

    Hi At Totton a 66 engine comp hood doubled up as a bike shed for a while - saved leaving a wagon under load I guess. thanks for photo story very well composed and like the depot mangement in the resulting oily void discussing the next move.
  8. Robert Shrives

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Lovely work, Blue I guess on first days in traffic before sun fade and grime took over .It looks like Regional Railways blue ? Robert
  9. Robert Shrives

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Good work on the livery images- a many hours work I would think. Hope they transfer to models as well. I would think the Class 80 railcar gets nearer as I have just taken delivery of some more etches ! Robert
  10. Robert Shrives

    Wanted Class 201 in intercity livery

    Hi Thanks for publishing a working link - not sure what I got wrong , but looks like Mr Dempsey will be happy soon ! Robert
  11. Robert Shrives

    Murphy Models 121

    Slightly OT but having 3 part built 80 s , 2 XCastle/450 / A and C class in various states plus a resin 121 and a donor 141 then I would think these will a be RTR within a decade or so given my finishing rate.... Agreed it will be fun with the 121 when it comes - I might just have to have two and use my resin one on a push pull set with the loco as a dummy ! Robert
  12. Robert Shrives

    Wanted Class 201 in intercity livery

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MURPHY-MODELS-MM023-IE-RIVERCLEAR-IN-ALL-THEIR-GLORY-RUN-IN-ONLY might of interest Robert also this might be of value https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MURPHY-MODELS-215-229-IE-INTERCITY-IN-ALL-THEIR-GLORY-RUN-IN-ONLY Robert
  13. Robert Shrives

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Well to report last week built a 60` length of 21mm track - bullhead using wood sleeper strip, solvent and plastic chairs, track gauges made by washering out P4 gauges. Once dry rail still slides in chairs so able to move sleepers about , track robust and flexible. I have been given some EM pointwork on copper clad sleepers might make a basis for 21mm pointwork? Robert
  14. Robert Shrives

    Drones and civil aviation

    Same thought exercised my mind as well. Not having seen any news with pictures then I do wonder if I live another 30 years that the truth will come out. My thoughts was a "credible" SAM threat and Drone makes good cover story, despite official information - just become a cynic over the years. I really hope not and some "nice but dims" get it in the neck for 5 years but luckily for many holiday insurance will cover as it is not been sold as terrorist activity - not lucky for airlines, crews , passengers and their families all who will pay a hidden cost. Robert
  15. Robert Shrives

    A NICE TOUCH........

    And Festive greetings to all at the IRM Towers complex. Hopefully a few days rest will be good before the trails and tribulations of Chinese new year... Robert

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