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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Sorry Rich! Still getting my head around this new site layout. Thats outstanding, and I apologise for jumping to the wrong conclusion there. Well done to IWT!
  2. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    I assume you mean IRM in the above statement? Unless the lads have diverted the IWT container train to Blackrock for a truely stunning entrance on Saturday afternoon?! To reiterate Rich's sentiments, well done to all involved!
  3. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Jesus lads, Bundoran looking well there today!
  4. Dave182s Projects

    The other thing I’ve been working on over the summer is a depot for my PW machines. This is basically something similar to the depot behind Kildare station. The frame and shell is nearly complete, and I tried to get a little bit of detail on the inside. Once it’s all assembled and painted up I’ll add signage and gutters and as much small detail as possible, then get some track down and build a yard scene around the building!
  5. Dave182s Projects

  6. Dave182s Projects

    So in the next picture you can see the undercarriage of the body and I’m exploring if I can get a motor onboard without taking up too much space. On the real thing the engine is sitting up on the deck and a shaft goes down through the floor to power just one axle. If I could replicate this I’d be happy. The other option is in the cab, but I think a detailed cab would really make this model so want to avoid that. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. Dave182s Projects

    It’s been a while but I’m back at the work bench for the first time in ages, and I damn well intend to finish something for once this autumn! I have a corner in the shed that’s gonna have a small terminus station and some permanent way sidings so that I can store all of the PW and yellow machines in one place. So I’ve decided to tackle Irish Rail number 734, the odd looking sandite machine that lives in Kildare. I’m working off measurements that I’ve garnered from lots of photos, and if it looks reasonably to scale then I’m happy enough!
  8. I’ve just been rooting around the interwebs and incredibly (or maybe not?) I came across this piece of bedtime reading. It’s simply called ‘Rule Book’ and is 392 pages or rules relating to the operation of trains and on-track plant on the island of Ireland. A quick skim through and on page 358 for example, there is an interesting list of current PW machines. https://www.translink.co.uk/Documents/Corporate/publications/rule%20book/140401%20Rule%20Book%202007%20%202013%20Mergeda.pdf
  9. Hi guys Is there such a thing as a motor that would drive or connect to just a single axle? I'm thinking of building a piece of on track plant, something like the old plasser sandite unit. Any thoughts?
  10. Surplus N Gauge Stock

    I'm thinning out the collection, so offering these up here first before hitting eBay. Price indicated includes delivery on the Island of Ireland. I'm Dublin based so can drop to Dublin and surrounds. UK and beyond postage at cost. Dapol 12004 mk3 intercity second class with buffers. 4QTY €80.00 (new, boxed) Trix 15302 Gas tank car set of 3 SNCF. 2QTY (6 wagons total) €140 (new, boxed) Atlas 40002895 Alco S2 Loco Baltimore & Ohio #9044. Not DCC. 2QTY €125 (new, boxed) Farish 371-376 Class 66 66610 Freightliner. 1QTY €40 (run, boxed) Peco NR9B express parcels van. 3QTY €10 (new, boxed) Selection of Vehicles, 3 antics and 2 buses. €45 as seen Peco bridge sides. 3QTY €10 (new) Or Entire Lot €400 (save a further €50 on above prices) Thank you for taking the time to look. I will leave this post 'live' until Monday evening, 2nd of October, giving preference to 'Entire Lot' offer. Regards David
  11. 3d printing to order?

    Hi All! I think that everyone has come to terms with both the possibilities and the limitations of 3D printing. I'm working on an N gauge project at the moment and I was wondering if anyone out there knows if it is possible to have parts 'commissioned', as in translate an idea through the programming stage to a printable file? (Is file the right word?) I'm not currently in a position to learn a new computer programme right now!! Any thoughts or comments on this? I look at the initial work people like B1Lancer on Shapeways created, but I'm not sure if this if for hobby purposes or commercial gain.
  12. NIR GMs in 2017

    With most of Irish Rails 071 Class overhauled and the wrong side of 40 years old, I was just wondering about the status of NIR's 3 members of the class (111,112,113). Are they in good condition and are they seeing much use these days? What is the bodywork and paint like, for example?
  13. Hi guys! I'm working on a small freight yard for my layout and it will have a short single line off the main, and into a yard that will have 3 or 4 points at most. My period of operation in the 90s so semaphore signaling is still very much in operation. As I look to detail the scene, I've been looking at pictures from around the network and I guess my yard would have similarities to a yard like Barrack Street in Dundalk. So a couple of questions. Regarding access to the yard, I want to place a semaphore junction signal on the main, and then a starter signal coming out of the yard. Is this correct? (I think Barrack Street had colour light signalling.) After that, my yard is only going to have hand operated levers on the points, which is what I can see in the Barrack Street yard. So obviously as trains shunted around the yard, the points were thrown by a man on the ground. So am I correct to think that there is no signal box involved here? Thus no rods to run to points? And no signals of any sort within the yard? I assume the yard would operate as a single 'block'? The signal box say at Dundalk would allow a train access to the yard and then the block becomes occupied. What happens then if more than one loco/train needs access to the yard? I'm thinking that there would also be a call on/shunt signal at the entrance to the yard. I appreciate this is a long winded set of questions, so I'm just looking for some thoughts, comments and maybe experience. What little details can I add (or leave out, e.g. point rods) to make the yard as accurate as possible?
  14. Travelling Post Office

    Hi All. I see an RTR model of the Irish Travelling Post Office is available over on Irish Freight Models. Has anyone seen one in the flesh? I know there was some initial criticism of some of the earlier models released, but I know lot's of you were impressed by the park royals released earlier in the year. Any thoughts on this model? Is it a reasonable representation of the real thing? http://www.irishfreightmodels.com/index.php/shop.html#!/CIE-TPO-Travelling-Post-Office/p/74126961/category=6789991
  15. Small model motors.

    Credit: http://www.regalbeloit.eu/products.html Does anyone know of a source for 1:76 models of small motors, such as the one pictured? I've a couple of scratch builds on the go and I realise now that many railway wagons, doors, cranes etc. feature motor units. Any help appreciated!

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