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  1. 121 Class Trial Suburban Livery in the 90s

    #Railer, #BSGSV, thanks for that info, and I’d love to see a picture Railer if you could lay your hands on it! That’s interesting about a push-pull coach getting the livery also...
  2. Can anyone remember a 121 class locomotive briefly getting an orange & green hybrid suburban livery at some stage in the 1990s? Possibly around the time the DART extensions were being proposed. Did any coaching stock receive similar? (Apologies if I might have asked this before on the previous version of this site)
  3. Daimler APC and Leyland fire engine.

    Another Craven Restaurant, which never made it to the show
  4. Ah that’s the shot I was looking for! Thanks RedRich!
  5. Hi All In the attached picture from Inchicore Works (credit eiretrains.com) it show a 201 in for heavy service, and part of the body shell has been lifted off. Can this be done with the 071s and 141/181s if required? I know that they have many doors along the side of the body, which probably makes it easier to service, but can the entire or part of the hood be removed also? And just to clarify, I,m referring to the real thing and not the models! http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway Stations I/Inchicore/IrishRailwayStations.html#Inchicore_20060908_023_CC_JA.jpg
  6. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    That's interesting! But I'm wondering what the cost will be?!
  7. Stillorgan Park Hotel

    George, my own personal experience is that the show is well worth going to and has improved greatly over the years. Depends what you are looking for, I’ve picked up lots of small unusual items in the second hand bins, especial vehicles and accessories. Lots of new items also, but no cheaper than what you would buy online.
  8. Not quite continental modelling, but just came across this video on YouTube of an abandoned original Eurostar set, sitting in a siding and vandalized and graffitied. Just wondering if anyone knows the location, and how this set ended up here. Is it going into preservation, or refurbishment or something? I thought they were all to be scrapped.
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Sorry Rich! Still getting my head around this new site layout. Thats outstanding, and I apologise for jumping to the wrong conclusion there. Well done to IWT!
  10. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    I assume you mean IRM in the above statement? Unless the lads have diverted the IWT container train to Blackrock for a truely stunning entrance on Saturday afternoon?! To reiterate Rich's sentiments, well done to all involved!
  11. Behind the scenes at IRM

    Jesus lads, Bundoran looking well there today!
  12. Dave182s Projects

    The other thing I’ve been working on over the summer is a depot for my PW machines. This is basically something similar to the depot behind Kildare station. The frame and shell is nearly complete, and I tried to get a little bit of detail on the inside. Once it’s all assembled and painted up I’ll add signage and gutters and as much small detail as possible, then get some track down and build a yard scene around the building!
  13. Dave182s Projects

  14. Dave182s Projects

    So in the next picture you can see the undercarriage of the body and I’m exploring if I can get a motor onboard without taking up too much space. On the real thing the engine is sitting up on the deck and a shaft goes down through the floor to power just one axle. If I could replicate this I’d be happy. The other option is in the cab, but I think a detailed cab would really make this model so want to avoid that. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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