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  1. Hey all , I have two Model Irish Railways Hunslet 101 class loco body kits (101 eagle/102 Falcon) for sale complete with all etches , paint , transfers , castings and name plates but no instructions or donor class 20 chassis!! I am only looking for what I paid for them which was €135 in total (not incl postage). (I have window etch which is missing in the picture and I will post up a pic of the two complete sets of window etches when I get the chance!!)
  2. RE: Buffer stops.

    Hey Lads could anyone help me with some photos of the Concrete poured Buffer stops that used to be found all around the system at the end of sidings until the late 90's. I remeber a couple survivng at Claremorris , Castlerea and Knockrockery till the track renewal programme came along. I think I remember one lingering at Wicklow junction as well. Anyway would love to model a few of these so any info pics would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Worsley Works ParkRoyal build

    Hey lads here is a few picks of Worsley Works Park Royal kit I'm building at the moment, enjoy.

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