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  1. I have used Humbrol no 2 Emerald Gloss Green and got good results for the CIE lighter Green on C231. For the pale green lining I used Humbrol no 90 Beige Green Matt and had Weshty make up some number transfers in this colour to match.
  2. Headford Junction on the Mallow to Tralee line?
  3. Magpie1951

    MIR NIR Hunslet DL Loco Kits for Sale

    Sorry lads and lassies but these kits are now sold.
  4. Hey all , I have two Model Irish Railways Hunslet 101 class loco body kits (101 eagle/102 Falcon) for sale complete with all etches , paint , transfers , castings and name plates but no instructions or donor class 20 chassis!! I am only looking for what I paid for them which was €135 in total (not incl postage). (I have window etch which is missing in the picture and I will post up a pic of the two complete sets of window etches when I get the chance!!)
  5. Magpie1951

    Irishish Signal Box?

    If you modified the ladder taking away the full width balcony it does remind me a bit of a DSER/DWWR style cabin.
  6. Magpie1951

    Carriage Sheds

    Here is a couple of pictures of the carriage shed at Achill courtesy of achill.gaa.ie. It is the old corrugated hayshed like structure behind the signal box.
  7. Magpie1951

    Park Royal coaches

    It looks like a Ballina shuttle at Manulla Jct. sometime between 1988 and 1990 to me.
  8. Magpie1951

    3D Printed Models

    I have use this company ,http://i.materialise.com/ , who I find way better than shapeways in terms of support and tweaking model designs before they go to print . They also print in high detail resin or paintable resin and in my experience very little sanding is needed to get a great paint finish on the model.My 3d design skills only amount to using google sketchup and even with this I can get good results using the the printed models as scratch aids with very high detail when needed!!
  9. Magpie1951

    J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

    Yeah I would like something like Worsley Works kits as in scale length and width sides with ends type kit please.
  10. Magpie1951

    Foyle Valley Railway - the abyss beckons!

    Regards Magpie (from somewhere "Down Mexico Way"!!)
  11. Magpie1951

    Irish Shell & BP

    I would say being a fan of the Midland like John is, it is a model of an 1874 class 8 ton MGWR goods brake van and a very good model of it too in my opinion.
  12. Magpie1951

    Kirley's Projects

    Yeah pretty much got it one there Kirley although if you thinking of the dark pre 1955 green (which would look great with your Bachmann coaches) a lot the CIE Bredin Mk2's didn't seem to get the eau de nil lines above and below the windows like the Bachmann coaches (and the GSR Bredins). Most seem to either have a thin line along the waist like the park royals I posted earlier and a good few didn't even get an eau de nil waistband at all. They were just all over plain dark green. The BSGV in Downpatrick is painted in this earlier pre 1955 livery shown below , https://www.flickr.com/photos/conorsteamtrains/15735317358/in/pool-transport-in-ireland The coach behind the Steam Loco is in the pre 1955 dark green livery without any eau de nil lining in the link below I think the buffet cars were built in 1956 so they would be in the post 1955 Emerald green livery with the eau de nil waistband like the park royal in my earlier post. It would make a great train if you had one coach dark green livery with waistband , one in just dark green with no waistband , the buffet in the post 1955 light green and waist band along with the bachmann coaches! One other point I should have mentioned is although the park royals I built had no flying snails along there sides, any pictures I have seen of the CIE Mk2 Bredin 3rd corridor and composites coaches had flying snails on the sides (passenger class identifying numbers on the door too) in eau de nil (Westy has done these transfer for me before) in the pre 1955 livery with the waistband and post 1955 Emerald green livery but not the pre 1955 plain dark green livery!!I don't think the buffet had flying snails on the sides though!
  13. Magpie1951

    Kirley's Projects

    I have tried loads of different shades of green and I have found for post 1955 CIE green Humbrol no.2 Emerald gloss green is the best I have come across. I have some pics below to show the results and how it can look different depending on the light in the picture. For the eau de nil stripe I use Humbrol no. 90 Beige Green Matt . For the dark Green 1946-1954 I have used Humbrol no. 3 Brunswick Green Gloss and Phoenix Precision Paints BR pre 1954 Loco green and Humbrol Beige Green Matt for the lining. ( park royals in post 1955 green using Humbrol no. 2 Emerald Gloss Green and a Bredin parcel in the background using Humbrol no.3 Brunswick Green Gloss bithe lined with Humbrol no.90 Beige green matt) Park royal Humbrol Emerald Green Gloss lined with Humbrol Beige Green Matt Park Royal with Humbrol Green Gloss lined with Humbrol Beige Green Matt
  14. Magpie1951

    JM Models TPO/Tool Van

    P.M. sent Iarnrod
  15. Magpie1951

    Guess the location

    Tullow Co. Carlow?

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